Lindaluz Carrillo gave us the inside scoop on her holiday plans, haunted house experience, favorite horror movies, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Urban Artist and Graphic Designer Lindaluz Carrillo was one of the incredibly talented people that I interviewed before Halloween that was late to get published on the website due to the overwhelming amount of work I had. I’m happy to finally bring some light to our short discussion about her holiday plans, haunted experiences, favorite horror movies, and more.


I got in contact with her over messenger and asked if she would like to participate in Internet Hollywood’s topic of the week, Halloween. After saying yes, I sent her over some of our hot topic questions to answer and she kindly opened up and gave us the inside scoop. Enjoy reading the short interview!


~*~*Interview /w Lindaluz Carrillo*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Lindaluz?! It’s an honor chatting with someone as artistic as you. I really admire all of the work you do. Thanks for granting me this short holiday interview with you. I look forward to reading your answers to our hot topic questions. How has your Halloween plans been going? Are you planning on dressing up in a costume as well?


Lindaluz:  I am actually not doing much for Halloween. This month is super busy for me. I am debating on taking my goddaughter trunk or treating today if not trick or treating on Wed. I’m just thinking about the best time to spend with her.


Internet Hollywood: Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday that means so much to children now but the interest reduces as we get older. Why do you feel adults tend to grow out of Halloween and view it as just a kid holiday and what does the holiday mean to you now that your older?


Lindaluz: I would say my schedule and career takes up a lot of time which is good because I love what I do. But a lot of times it means I have to make scarifies especially when it comes to going out and having fun vs working on my work. I actually work a lot on weekends too so sometimes that kind of interjects with celebrations and festivities.


Internet Hollywood: What were some of your favorite horror movies to watch and which character and movie terrified you the most during your childhood days?


Lindaluz: I am an all-time Halloween series fan. Really enjoy this colt film I use to watch it every Halloween with my dad, growing up.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever went through a haunted experience or experienced anything supernatural like?


Lindaluz: I never intentionally went to an active hunted house. I have experienced some strange paranormal like activities in my teen year at the house my family use to live in. We would hear footsteps that sound like a child running up and down the stairs and saw strong shadows from time to time. I gotta admit I still get chills thinking about it.


Internet Hollywood: last question; what have been some of your favorite candies to come across during your trick or treating days and has the love for the candy you liked then changed now that you’ve grown older?


Lindaluz: l was always excited to get the old style jolly ranchers. It still is I just try not to eat them often. Gotta take care of my teeth.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Linda!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~



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