Logikil is booking musicians to record in his studio in Hartford, CT, book your appointment to record today!

Musicians – I have gone through many thoughts on creating a whole news column strictly on things involving recording studios, venues, equipment, and other things of that nature to help talented individuals find the sources they need to build their career in whatever field they choose. It has been something that has been driving my conscious for quite some time and now that I’m writing a story about one in Hartford, Connecticut I am pretty much considering it now.


Independent Hip Hop artist Logikil is also an audio engineer from the state of Connecticut with a studio of his own called HeadKrack and he’s open for bookings if any artist wants to book time in his studio located on 2074 Park St. Suite 104. The studio charges their rates by the hour and they also do mix and mastering, package deals, commercials for radio/tv, studio rental, and tutoring. Take my word for it, after checking out some of the songs he recorded in the studio I definitely feel it’s worth it.


After speaking with Logikil about the studio he sent me the main goal that could also be found on the front page of the website:


“HeadKrack Studios strives to bridge the gap between dream and reality, making it easier than ever to capture eclectic ideas and convey them in a way that resonates with quality and passion. We believe that every song is unique and should be treated as such. We are the builders and the artists are the architects. With collaborative efforts and creative muses, the sky is the limit.”


Logikil has a bachelors degree in audio engineering and is also a dope music artist that truly believes in the art of music and understands the different elements carried in sounds. You could find out more information by checking out his website highlighted by his name written under the links below!




HeadKrack Studios: Website

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