LOL: Who was the models that got photographer Raven Macabre wasted at the Internet Hollywood party?

Holly Scoop – I’m sure you wondering why we haven’t really published much about Raven Macabre attendance at the Internet Hollywood party. He’s currently ranked #1 published photographer in Internet Hollywood with 12 stories in total. He has also been credited in over 20 published stories. The guy is clearly a big deal in our universe and everyone that follows us knows that.


So what is it that has been keeping us away from publishing about this magnificent photographer who I consider family? It turns out Macabre wasn’t really in many photos. I have yet to see a photo with the photographer in it and I wondered why. After a little thinking I remember that Macabre was pretty wasted that night. LOL. I’m not saying wasted as in he was falling all over the place. He was just having a really good time under the influence and spent a lot of his time outside of the media room near the VIP section in The Raven Club with some gorgeous models.


I happen to end up at the table a little later on in the night and noticed that Macabre was just relaxing back in a seat having a good time with a few models that were also having fun. I know it was the influence his model friends had on him that got him to the point that he was at because he told me. When he passed the media room he laughed joking and said “They got me a little drunk” then went back into the other section of the venue where I believe he spent most of his time. At least that’s what I thought.


I don’t know the names of the models nor will I disclose that information without their permission. All I do know is he had a good time and I’m happy he did. Macabre is a good person and incredibly skilled at his field and NOBODY denies that. The photographer arrived at the event with Internet Hollywood model and event organizer Nilka DeTorress.


I definitely enjoyed Macabre’s company and I hope to see him at our next event in July.



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