Lonnie Alex Enters ProjectXPlatinum ‘Cover Girl’ Contest – Makes Huge Internet Hollywood Debut

lonnie editProjectXPlatinum ‘Cover Girl’ contestant Lonnie Alex has a lot to brag about now that she’s pulling in huge numbers to support her battle to the front cover of ProjectXPlatinum’s first magazine. The latest updates following the contest shows she’s pulled in around 137 votes! The total amount of votes was enough to land her spot in Internet Hollywood as one of our newest celebrities. Lonnie’s adorable face gives us the relaxing feel that heals us from the stress we deal with after a long hard day. There is nothing like having a moment to think outside of our shell when glancing at a woman as gorgeous as Lonnie. Her eyes will fill your insides with a warm sensation that’ll work it’s way through your heart and into your soul. The biggest challenge for models like Lonnie to succeed is to overcome the fear that builds when an opportunity presents itself. The reality we paint in our minds could create a cage that’ll emotionally lock us inside of our own thoughts. Lonnie’s passion for modeling opens the door inside of her heart that will take her into a world only very few have gone. We welcome Lonnie into our Internet Hollywood universe and we wish her the best as the modeling contest continues. The amazing photo displayed on the side of this article was taken by Vantastic Images!

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