Lonnie Alex remains one of Internet Hollywood’s top 5 most published models with 25 publications!

Buzz Tracker  – Model Lonnie Alex is one of the top five most published models in Internet Hollywood’s three-year history. The Nevada princess has been rapidly growing over the years by getting heavily involved with photo shoots, major gigs, doing hilarious parodies, dance videos and more. She has been taking on every advantage available to her online and has accomplished many things that many haven’t.


We have been following the model for years and still consider her one of the most entertaining sensations on the Internet. She first made her debut in Internet Hollywood after she entered our first contest back in October 2014. She was rewarded a feature in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine after landing in fourth place. She was also featured in the first issue of Internet Hollywood’s #SELFIE Magazine IN 2016.


Lonnie Alex is currently ranked #2 on Internet Hollywood’s top model chart. The model found out about her ranking during a interview we had in March 2017, a month after being featured in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of the year on February 14th. She was featured on page nine. (read magazine)


The list of the top 10 most published models in Internet Hollywood will be revealed soon!



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