Lonnie Alex To Debut On Internet Hollywood’s Top 10 Models Chart On Sept. 13th

lonnie alex images 2Prince VegaLonnie Alex will have to face the greats on Internet Hollywood Radio on September 13th and she’s more than ready to. Predictions weighing in from our private committee gives the Las Vegas model a strong 69% chance of solidifying her rank on our top 10 model chart. Names of the top 10 model will be announced on Internet Hollywood Radio by Prince Vega before any publication on our websites main page.


As stated our previous reports,  a model will be chosen by the amount of work she has done that was publicized within the last three months. The chart was designed to give readers our prediction on who we feel will be the most successful at the time based on models career moves that helps them expand their brand.


Internet Hollywood unique visitors are more than familiar with Alex because of her powerful presence in the Internet Hollywood universe. She is the fast growing celebrity who has made front page news in Internet Hollywood seven times in a two-year period. That level of success could be blamed on her hunger to achieve greater things at a young age in such a short amount of time. She’s a dancer, actor, model and voice actress who recently teamed up with Adrenaline Studios to voice act in a new video game for PC.


She is also starring in a broadway musical titled ‘The Wiz’ in Las Vegas. It would be almost insane at this point to assume that she will not make on our top 10 models chart on September 13th. All models added to the top 10 model chart will be featured in Internet Hollywood latest magazine issue coming out in early September. Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega vowed to not delay the magazine anymore after month of delays due to new upgrades and personal issues that are now resolved.


The gorgeous featured image of Lonnie Alex above was taken by the extremely talented Creative Visions By Michael. You could tune into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page on September 13th, Tuesday, 8:30 p.m. (est).

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