Lonnie Alex To Make Her Debut As A Voice Actress For PS4 Video Game “Read Only Memories”

lonnie alex and adrenaline studio 2Prince Vega – One of Internet Hollywood’s most lovable models Lonnie Alex has teamed up with Adrenaline Studios to voice act in a video game titled “Read Only Memories” for PC & PS4. The model publicly announced the exciting news on her social media fan page and she was beyond excited.

“Today I can officially call myself a Voice Actress!! Had an amazing time atAdrenaline Studios recording for the video game Read Only Memories (PC/PS4)!!! I’d like to thank Adam Harrington Voice Actor (Voice of League of Legends’ Shaco, Ryze, Kassadin, Mordekaiser, and Karthus) for being so helpful and supportive this whole processs. I’d also like to thank Bob Colasuonno and Todd Bridges for the hook up! <3 You guys rock!! I’m so hype right now!”

This is only one out of the few accomplishments that has been furthering Alex’s career beyond the world of modeling. Earlier this month, the model announced that she will be starring in “The Wiz” on Broadway in Las Vegas.

“I am so excited to announce I have been casted in the ensemble of The Wiz which will be put on by Broadway in the Hood and performed at the SMITH CENTER!! I’m so excited! Thank you god! While I gravitate towards film acting, there’s nothing like performing live on stage. It’s one of my favorite energies, and I’ve been wanting to get my foot back in this door for a while now! I’m so grateful to have been chosen! My artist is lit!! Show dates September 2-3!  Yayaya!”

Alex has made front page news on Internet Hollywood 15 times within a two year period! It is predicted that she will be ranked in the top 5 on our Top Model Charts in the beginning of next month. She has won over the heart of our representatives that honors supporting her as one of our own!


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