Lori Lynne Hoff Officially Debuts In Internet Hollywood, Could She Make History In Arlene Diaries?

loriPrince Vega – New Jersey model Lori Lynne Hoffhas found a new place to call home and she’s finally settling in. Today marks the day of the model’s official debut as one of Internet Hollywood’s newest models. She recently received an invitation by Prince Vega to become a part of our growing model community and she quickly accepted.


Shortly after, our social media news updater lit up with notifications from Hoff’s supporters who congratulated the model on becoming a part of Internet Hollywood. She is one out of 223 models that has received an invitation to join Internet Hollywood this year.


What we gathered from Hoff’s conversation paints a clear picture of the reason she was chosen; she’s socially active, friendly, talented, dedicated, and very smart. Her positive mind and vibe will positively influence the minds of young dreamers all over the world who wants to pursue a career in modeling as well. We are hoping she continues to use the drive that comes with her personality to execute at-least 10 published stories to get nominated for an Arlene award in February.


What Is Arlene Diaries?

Starting next year Internet Hollywood will begin Arlene Diaries from January 18 to February 14. Arlene Diaries is considered Internet Hollywood’s history book. During that time of the year Internet Hollywood rewards all their most published celebrities and store their achievements in Internet Hollywood’s history book forever. Internet Hollywood’s most published celebrities will be nominated January 17-24 and the ending results will be revealed on February 13 & 14. A model must have at-least 8-10 published stories within a year period to be considered for a nomination in any of the categories.


The gorgeous photo of Lori Lynne Hoff was taken by an absolutely amazing photographer by the name of Ashley Halas at Ashley Halas Photography.



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