Los Angeles actor Jay Kristopher makes a hilarious television appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show

Internet Hollywood News – Actor Jay Kristopher made a special appearance on CONAN and my late-ass just reminded myself recently to write up a story about it. The incredibly talented actor updated me on his recent appearance through messenger and sent me the link to the video. In the video, he appears as a man named Greg Miller who prepares his own documentary for the CONAN show.


This may be the first time you have seen Kristopher on the same screen as Conan O’Brien but our daily readers know that it isn’t. A simple stroll through his IMDb and you’ll see that he has appeared on the show about 25 times. He has a huge amount of hilarious videos that could be found all over the internet. (Check out his channel)


Kristopher’s climb up the industry ladder has been working in his favor over the years. He has appeared on Parenthood, Straight Outta Compton, Blind Date, Numb3rs and more. Ever since I’ve been following him I’ve written 12 stories about him. I do enjoy following his work and will continue to write stories about his amazing accomplishments for you all to read. Check out the video below!


J. Kristopher: Facebook

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