Los Angeles actor Jay Kristopher parties with Dr. Dre at the SOC Wrap party! (Throwback)

Buzz Alert – Jay Kristopher has had quite the journey as an actor and has brought us and his following through that road of memories for years. If you were under a rock during the time this movie came out in 2015 then now is the time for you to know that Jay Kristopher played as Lay Law in the movie ‘Straight Outta Compton’ that was produced by Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and a few others. Here’s what Jay said about that experience:
“SOC wrap party. Matthew Libatique (Director of Photography for Black Swan, Iron Man 1&2, Requiem for a Dream), Dr. Dre and yours truly. Great times over Dre’s house. He was a great host. Made great relationships that will lead into the future. I will add that four of us (cast members) gathered together in a circle and prayed right there in the middle of the party. Completely random. I didn’t even initiate, I just joined in. So it was an appointed time for all of us to meet. It was also an honor playing LAYLAW. He’s really cool if you ever get the chance to meet him in person and he’s produced SO MUCH STUFF. Great history lesson, first hand. Now it’s on to other things. I said my goodbyes. I know I’m going to run into some people again. This picture illustrates men who are some of the best in their craft *wink*. I wanted to take a picture with them separately but the opportunity came where I could be in the picture with both at the same time. God is amazing!”
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