Los Fidel Freestyles About His Viral Video That Shows His Baby Mother Hitting Him With A Bat

los fidelPrince Vega -More talented artists throughout Connecticut is taking on challenges sweeping the underground music scene all over the Internet and Los Fidel is now one of them. The growing independent artist from Connecticut also published his own video on Facebook freestyling to “So Gone” by Monica. The freestyle was apart of a dead beat edition produced by Fireman.


You would think this was just a regular freestyle by the looks of the video but your perspective will change as the freestyle begins. In the rap he addresses a video that went viral over the Internet of him going back and fourth with his baby mother over their beautiful child. (Watch Here)


The video was picked up by MediaTakeOut and ended up with nearly 3 million views, over 20 thousand shares and 8 thousand comments. The video shows his baby mother repeatedly reaching into her vehicle for a bat she swung at him during their argument. The war with words between the two ended with the angered baby mother taking off in her out of the gas station.


The publicity following the published video has increased Los Fidel’s viewership and has helped his new freestyle boost a huge number of views very quickly. He already has over thirteen thousand views in the video titled “Dad That Was Hit With Bat By Baby Momma In Viral Video” on Facebook. Click Here the highlighted link below to check out the freestyle.

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