Luisa Goncalves reveals that she’s now signed to an agency, discusses modeling independently, her least favorite photo shoots, overcoming challenges and more

Beyond The Lens – Rhode Island model Luisa Goncalves has took some time out of her day to give Internet Hollywood the inside scoop of her career beyond the lens of a photographer. I had the greatest pleasure in interviewing this amazing model that has also supported me during serious personal matters that I won’t discuss here. But she is definitely the perfect friend to have.


In this interview, we discussed the limited resources that comes with independent modeling, the challenges she had to overcome with modeling, what had changed since she started with modeling and more. She also revealed that shes currently signed with an agency now. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Luisa Goncalves*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Luisa! It’s been so long since we caught up with each other. I hope everything has been going great for you. I prepared a few questions for you to answer so I could share with a collection of interviews I’m posting on Internet Hollywood. Now for those people that don’t know, could you please introduce yourself and let them know what you do?


Goncalves: Hi Name is Luisa Goncalves. I’m a model. I been doing this for like 2 years between fashion show runway, brand ambassador, photo shoots and many other stuffs.


Internet Hollywood: Is being an independent model sometimes stressful because of the limited resources that’s available since their not under an agency?


Goncalves: Yes being an independent model sometimes it’s stressful because sometimes you don’t know who to trust and the most of the time you don’t get what u really deserve.


Internet Hollywood: What was the hardest thing you had to overcome to develop the confidence to model?


Goncalves: The hardest part was building my confidence to believe in my self and move forward with what I believe in and do my best.


Internet Hollywood: What has changed in your life since you started modeling?


Goncalves: A lot things had change in my life specially my confidence on showing the world who I’m and how far I can go.


Internet Hollywood: What are your favorite and least favorite photo shoots to do?


Goncalves: I actually have done couple of them and I love them all. But one of my favorites was the high fashion shoot.


Internet Hollywood: Is there anything you currently working on now?


Goncalves: Yes I’m now with Bella U model agency. A couple weeks ago I have done a high fashion photo shoot with them and looking forward for some more to come.


Internet Hollywood: What is the ultimate goal you want to fulfill before this year is out?


Goncalves: The goal I have before this year end is to fully complete my portfolio with all types of shoos as possible and I’m basically almost there.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much Goncalves!


Gonclaves has received publications in Internet Hollywood during its earlier stages of being developed. The model has been published in Internet Hollywood four times so far. Her first publication was in Internet Hollywood’s birth year, 2014.


The gorgeous photos of Luisa Goncalves was taken by VQIstudio.



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Photographer: VQIstudio

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