Lupe Fiasco says he would destroy Eminem and Joe Budden in a rap battle!

 Celebrities – Chicago Hip Hop artist Lupe Fiasco made a pretty bold state over his Instagram this week about Detroit rapper Eminem. The Chicago MC made people feel like he was taking a shot at Eminem after he resposted a video of a comedian mimicking Eminem’s rap style by adding gibberish with words, basically saying Eminem puts together any kind of words that just rhyme even if it makes no sense. Lupe responded to the critics by saying. “I posted up that video of the comedian mimicking Eminem rap style because I thought it was funny and actually most rappers actually rap like that when they are writing to catch a flow and get a melody,” he wrote. “I like Em & most other rappers & I want no smoke but if I did I would destroy them all. Especially Joe Budden & Em too.” Joe Budden responded, “Talk yo shit King!!!!!!!!!” Lupe Fiasco is known to be a very lyrical artist that appeals to fans that are into more conscious rap. He is known to speak his mind and take a stand on things most mainstream artist wouldn’t. Lupe once stated in an interview that he planned on staying independent after he was out of the record deal with Atlantic. He is now on Thirty Tigers.


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