MA dancer, model, and performer Angel Rosen talks training for her first competition, opening a business, pole dancer, how to avoid getting injured, upcoming projects, and more!

Beyond The Lens  – Massachusetts dancer, model and performer Angel Rosen is back in the Internet Hollywood universe after finishing up an interview with me on Thursday. I got in touch with the talented dancer in early February and invited her to do a second interview with me for the website. The last time I spoke with her was back in September of last year. It definitely felt good hearing from her again. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Angel Rosen*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Angel!? It feels good to finally catch back up with you. The last time we talked was back in 2017! How are you taking in the new year?


Rosen: Hi, thank you, very much for the opportunity to speak with you again. I’m truly honored and grateful!  2017 was a year of preparing for a large business move, down the east coast to; North Carolina. While training for my first competition with; The Pole Sport Organization. In the Northeast Championships.


Internet Hollywood: Now you always seem to be really busy which makes me wonder what kind of things you got going on since we are in 2018 now. Are you currently working on anything at the moment?


Rosen:  I placed 2nd in the Entertainment Category at the; Northeast Championships with; The Pole Sport Organization. Mystical Fitness Studio, opened in Beaufort, NC!!! As well as being excepted into; The America Pole League. As a competitor in their US Nationals; as a Semi-Pro in Artistic Pole. May 19-21 in Tuscan, Arizona.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things you feel you had to do differently from 2017 to ensure to achieve your goals in 2018?


Rosen: The hurdles of opening a business, training for competitions & relocating my 3 children. Has been extremely stressful!! I won’t lie about it. My children & pole students, keep me motivated & celebrating goals of all kinds. We support each other!!


Internet Hollywood: How has the journey to open your own pole fitness center been going?


Rosen: The hurdles of opening a business, training for competitions & relocating my 3 children. Has been extremely stressful!! I won’t lie about it. My children & pole students, keep me motivated & celebrating goals of all kinds. We support each other!!


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Internet Hollywood: How often do you find yourself wanting to quit and what are some of the things that keep you motivated during those hard times?


Rosen: I do my best to lead by example for my children. Working hard for what you want; Pays off! Teaching to my Pole Students, reminds me how much, I love this sport! Their smiles of accomplishments warms my souls and motivates me. As much as I hope, I’m motivating them!! It’s a beautiful cycle of inspiration & motivation, all the way around. Along with a very few close friends too remind me, of my value and worth. Lifting me up whenever, I’m mean to myself, overwhelmed & overthink everything. Hey, falling happens, it’s a part of learning and growing in anything. Business, personal goals, even just becoming a responsible adult. It’s picking yourself back up, that’s the important part. Doesn’t matter at what speed it happens, just do it!! Never Ever Give Up!!


Internet Hollywood: Pole dancing looks pretty hard for people that are just starting to get into it. What are some important things for beginners to remember to avoid getting injured while trying it out?


Rosen: Yes, Pole Fitness is challenging, yet extremely fun. I always express too my beginners; Safety First & Listen too your body. Please, listen too your body!! It’s range of motion and energy level, changes every day. Be aware of how you are feeling and know your own limitations. Then share that important information with your instructor. Every major trick you see in a video or picture. Starts with baby steps and levels of modifications. Building your strength is part of this sport and it doesn’t happen overnight. I use thick mattes and spot everyone. My classes stay small for safety. As well as, modifying for each student at their personal level. Pole Fitness, isn’t not about what you can’t do yet. It’s about celebrating what you did accomplish today!!!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; when you manage to reach the level of success you wish to achieve do you settle down or move onto something bigger and better?


Rosen: I feel extremely successful as I am and where I’m at. I do hope to expand and grow, Mystical Fitness Studio. That comes with time and my own personal growth as well. Which I truly hope never stops!! I’m blessed to constantly grow in my art of performing, modeling & teaching. I’ve yet too even really decided how long, I’ll continue to compete. The universe always seems too have its own plan anyway. In the meantime, I’ll stay strong & sparkle on!!!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Rosen! Keep up the awesome work!


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