MA Fashion Designer Cheresse of CheresseDeniseStyles to show off her collection at Internet Hollywood’s next fashion show!

IH News (Just In) – Independent Massachusetts Fashion Designer Cheresse has a stylish way of expressing herself when it comes to designing clothes and soon she will be doing it at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show and possibly at Keturah of Eccentric Chic Designs show in January 2020. Chereesse was contacted by IH Vaughka and was given information about the show before showing a strong interest in wanting to be involved. The fashion shows are in the beginning stages but Keturah’s fashion show is set to take place in Connecticut in the month of January 2020. Once the exact date is announced I will gladly fill you all in.



This news was first made public on our Instagram page @internethollywood




Chereese: Instagram (click to check out her awesome designs)

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