MA Hairstylist Jada discuss the keys to her styling hair, her favorite hairstyles to do, her mother being a hairstylist, her rates, plans to open a salon and more!

Beyond The Lens  – Independent Massachusetts hairstylist Jada is giving us the inside scoop on her plans to further her career in makeup, what motivated her to start, her goals and much more. Jada was kind enough to accept my invitation to do an interview after I reached out to her over messenger. Shortly after, I wrote out a couple of questions and sent it to her. As soon as she had time to answer them she sent the questions right back. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Jada*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Jada! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I have been making an effort to interview a lot more upcoming hairstylist and I think you were one of the perfect ones to share my platform with for an interview so thank you! I look forward to reading your replies to my seven questions. When did the process of doing hair begin in your life and at what moment did you decide you wanted to make a career out of it?


Jada: The process of doing hair for me started way back when I was a little girl about 5 or 6! My mom was also a freelance hairstylist back in the 90s and she was my first teacher! The first REAL thing I knew how to do was cornrow braids! And I stuck to that for years!! Then eventually I started trying more things out with this mannequin head my mom gave me that she had when she was in hair school. I believe I had it for like 12 years almost! Fast forward to my early teens I started doing my own hair because my mom couldn’t keep up with the different styles I wanted! I eventually over time decided that i wanted to do it as a hobby and charge like $30 for a full weave install( which I wouldn’t dare do now) !! It wasn’t until I was 2 years out of high school working a part-time job and not in college that I decided maybe this hobby that I’m so good at should become my career.


Internet Hollywood: Styling hair and a way that catches the eye of others may be complicated for most but many have managed to create their own styles that have stuck with clients since they first tried it out. What are some key thing a stylist need to focus on while doing hair so that it comes out perfectly?


Jada: Key thing a stylist needs to make sure a look is perfect is to focus on detail! Every single section of the hairstyle needs to be done with a good eye! There is no such thing as this side is better than this side! It all needs to be great! That is what makes the style last!


Internet Hollywood: What is your favorite and least favorite hairstyles to do when working with a client?


Jada: My favorite hairstyle to do is sew-ins! I literally can do sew-ins all day for the rest of my career! I literally love everything about extensions! It is so versatile you can literally do anything with them! My least favorite thing to do is cutting to be completely honest! It’s not that I don’t know how to it just wasn’t my favorite thing to do in hair school!


Internet Hollywood: Are hoping to open up your own hair salon in the future or do you have other plans for a business?


Jada: I definitely will be opening my salon in the future! It’s something I don’t want to rush! There are some extra steps that I want to take to make sure my salon is one of the best around! But believe it or not, with me having my own business, I want to be a traveling stylist. I want to work in music videos, photo shoots etc. I have experience with that type of work and I love it!

Internet Hollywood: Do you currently charge rates for your services?


Jada: Yes I do charge rates for my service. Each service is different and all depends on certain things.


Internet Hollywood: What made you choose the name Hair By Jada B to represent your brand?


Jada: To be completely honest I couldn’t think of anything creative! I actually got the idea from an old high school friend who commented on a picture of an extension install I did for my cousin for her prom and she said “ Okay girl I see you! Hair by Jada ?” And from then I just added the B on because there was a lot of hair by Jada hashtags and I wanted to be different. But there is a change on that coming soon! Just wait on it!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; As an independent hairstylist, what step do you recommend beginners take when they want to learn how to style hair and open their own beauty shop?


Jada: The first step I say is to definitely go to cosmetology school and get your operating license! Without that, you couldn’t even think about opening a salon. Even though it takes more than an operator license to do so, but that first step opens a lot of doors for you! Plus in the hair industry you have more credentials, and can have way more opportunities than a hairstylist without one! I encourage every young stylist to get it over with once they finish school!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Jada!


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