MA Makeup Artist Vanessa Benoit launches her own Youtube channel for Makeup, Beauty, and Fashion

MUA – Massachusetts makeup artist and hairstylist Vanessa Benoit has taken an extra step to climb up the ladder in her career and I don’t see why she wouldn’t be excited about this one. She recently launched her own YouTube channel and has already released two videos for it already, one video is a Natural Thick Eyebrow tutorial and the second one is a Classic Fall Makeup tutorial. Both videos came out within seven days from each other and they both provide valuable tips to improve your skills in doing makeup.


The launch of a YouTube is something millions have thought but only thousands have done. I had knowledge of Vanessa’s plans to do a Youtube channel quite some time ago and I’m glad she actually took the steps to bring her art to the visual world where I strongly feel it belongs. She did some great editing work to give her video a presentable feel and even filled the description section with all of the information about the products she was using in the video.


Vanessa’s talent is something I plan on following as she continues to expand her art to greater platforms that will benefit her in the long run. She’s off to a great start and will only go from where she is now. I attached both videos to this story for you all to check it out. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!!!!



Vanessa Benoit: Instagram

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