MA model Abella Marie discuss her plans for 2018, her first runway show, people she would like to work with, collabing with JZ Zurawski, and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts model Abella Marie has a lot to talk about in a recent interview we wrapped up over the weekend. I invited the model to do an interview and sent a couple of questions to get the ball rolling. It’s been a while since we talked so I thought it would be cool to see what’s going on with her. The last time she was published on our website was in July 2017. I hope you enjoying reading the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Abella Marie*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Happy New Year Abella! It is a very great pleasure to have my very first interview with you. The last time you made front page news on Internet Hollywood was last year in July when you collaborated with JZ Zurawski. Welcome back to the Internet Hollywood universe. How has your 2018 been going so far? What did you do to bring in the new year?


Marie: Happy New Year Justin! It is great to be here. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with Internet Hollywood again. Its very humbling and I’m grateful. I remember that July photoshoot with JZ. It was such an amazing collaboration and team effort. Truly fantastic which, the work exudes. 2018 has been going well so far. To bring in the New Year, I stayed at home with my family. We played board and card games, ate a bunch of food, had some drinks, and watched the ball drop on the television. We counted down the New Year, made a cheer, wished everyone a Happy New Year, had a celebratory drink, kissed each other’s cheeks and then listened to some music. It was nice, quiet, relaxing, and safe. Sometimes, that is just what the doctor ordered.


Internet Hollywood: Many people I have spoken with revealed their plans to expand their careers this year. What are some of your career plans now that we are at the beginning of 2018?


Marie: Some of my career plans are: to get published, have a movie and commercial role, do runway shows, and do a variety of photoshoots that I haven’t done before. This will entail more collaboration and networking. Plus, I intend to look into agencies around the Globe and do some traveling. Mostly, my career plans involve expansion whether it be the acting or modeling industry. It is my goal to accomplish all of this by the end of 2018.


Internet Hollywood: What was it about modeling that made you want to pursue it as a career and what has been your biggest challenge since you have been actually doing it?


Marie: When I was younger, my mother told me a story about how a women from a modeling agency told her I looked like twiggy and she should put me into modeling. That was the spark that lit the fire. Ever since then, I have been interested in modeling. However, it took a trip to the Dominican Republic to actually ignite the passion. Believe it or not, I enjoy aspects of the field such as getting your hair and makeup done, getting to wear clothes that you typically wouldn’t wear, and going places you would not normally go. I like that the modeling industry is about confidence, portraying confidence, and being comfortable in your own skin. I like how it demands a rigid structure with its fast-paced tempo. I like the organization it requires. Modeling allows for personal growth in numerous ways such as: independence, communication skills, and self-confidence. At the end of the day, modeling is fun.  I would have to say that my biggest challenge with modeling is the fact that I do not fit the model stereotype. I am not super tall, I am not crazy lean, and I am not underage or a child. I have certain beliefs, values, and attitudes that you don’t typically see in the stereotypical model. Therefore, people don’t look at me and think “model”. I have to show them that I have skill, that I am worthwhile, that I am versatile, and that I can be the product or brand that they are seeking. I have to consistently prove that I belong.


Internet Hollywood: How would you describe the feeling of being in your first runway show?


Marie: I would describe the first runway show as very nerve-wracking. For me, I was afraid of making a mistake. I was afraid of falling. I remember shaking and hoping that I didn’t make a fool out of myself. I remember praying. I remember telling myself to remain confident and positive, as I went over all of the modeling notes in my head – Head straight, look forward, turn here, walk slow, no hands on hips, hold poses for three seconds, no more than two poses, don’t hog the runway. There was a lot to think about. The most common emotions, I have encountered are: fear, anxiety, nervousness, worry, and concern.

Norman Jaillet Photography

Internet Hollywood: Who was your biggest influence and motivator during your independent modeling journey?


Marie: I am not sure how to answer this. I cant think of just one influence that was the most helpful during my modeling journey. It is also difficult for me to think of a motivator. There have been a number of people who have helped me in little ways. There have also been others who have been positive and told me to not stop or never give up but they don’t stay around long. One person who comes to mind is Howard Yanik. He not only sponsored me a couple times but he has been very supportive of my modeling and acting work. He has been a great friend and I am thankful for all his efforts.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the people that you would like to collaborate with this year and what do you look for in the people you collaborate with?



Marie: This is a tough question because I would like to collaborate with a lot of people – Designers, Models, Directors, HMUA, Stylists, photographers, etc. Some I have already met and some I have not met yet. For those I have already met, I would like to work with Julian, JZ Zurawski, Valencio Photography, Janaby, Denis and Gabinichi from RI Studio504, Billy Pops, Bhecka Sin, Bryan Alexis, Je’Amou photography, Jonathan Route Photography, C&D Model/Glamour Photography, Vava Designs, shoot4greatness, Arlev Photography, Xon photography, Dominick Pino, Richard Bertone, and Voge Fashion Runways. For those I have not met yet, I would like to collaborate with Jonelle Wrinkler, the glofactory, bornimagery, thatphotokid,, Lindsay Adler, and mosaabalsarayart.  B.) When a potential collaboration comes my way, I tend to look for personality and good qualities such as: comfortability, trust, a good attitude, positivity, flexibility, organization, understanding, and most of all – skill. If I think you that I could learn from you, we would make a great team, we could work well together, or that you are a good role model, then chances are, I will want to work with you. I like to build relationships so I don’t like collaborating just once. Therefore, I tend to look for good communication and a great connection.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of photoshoots are you open to doing with photographers?


Marie: I am open to doing most photoshoots. I like doing pretty much anything outside of nudes but Implied and Erotic are borderline. Those would be dependent on the overall look and final product. Plus a matter of comfortability and trust. I prefer to keep things Fashion based such as: Editorial, Runway, Commercial, Swimsuit, Lingerie, Fit modeling, Fitness modeling, petite modeling, Glamour, parts modeling (limited), and promotional modeling. I would like to get more creative with the photoshoots, do more scenic photos, and explore various poses. There are a lot of great photos out there so there is a lot to explore!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what is the biggest lesson you learned in 2017?


Marie: I will say that the biggest lesson I learned in 2017 is to never give up. No matter how hard things get, no matter what is going on in your life, no matter who screwed over you feel, just keep pushing and plugging away – chasing those dreams, not listening to the naysayers or the people dragging you down who tell you, that you cant do it for one reason or another. Simply follow your passion, go after what you want, and make your life happen the way you want it to happen. Never stop pursuing your ideal greatness.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Marie!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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The first photo featured in this story was taken by Qian Hegarty Photography

The second photo featured in this story was taken by Norman Jailett

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