MA Model Gabriella Costa discuss wanting to sign to an agency, her new photo shoot with Eric Wallis Photography, who she wants to collaborate with, upcoming projects and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts model Gabriella Costa is two stories in and I could easily predict she will be receiving more publications in Internet Hollywood in the future. Costa is a model that I have been following since the beginning of the year and she continues to get better at what she does and it shows in her latest work with amazing photographers like Eric Wallis Photography.


I caught back up with the model recently to wrap up an interview that I wanted to do with her since late last month. I sent the model a couple questions and got all the answers I needed as soon as she could send them. We discussed a few things that will give you all a little insight on who she is as a person and a model. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Gabriella Costa*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Gabriella! I’m very excited that we are finally working on your first interview with Internet Hollywood. I have been working on a few questions to send you and I can’t wait to receive your answers. Before we begin I would like for you to introduce yourself and explain what made you want to start modeling.


Costa: I began modeling in 2nd grade, my mom brought me to open calls in Boston and NYC because she believed I had potential because I already was in movies and leads in productions due to my acting and singing capabilities. I signed to an agency in second grade, where I began to be a part of fashion shows, photo shoots and much more. I came back to modeling a couple years ago, and it is such a good feeling because this was such a big part of my life throughout my childhood.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things you find yourself stressing about when pursuing your career as an independent model?


Costa: I wouldn’t say I stress out about things with modeling, but I would say I do work full time in my career so I just hope to find a balance between my modeling piece of my life, as well as my career at the moment.


Internet Hollywood: Are you hoping to sign with an agency in the future?


Costa: I am hoping to sign with an agency, I have reached out to a plethora agencies both in the NYC market as well as Boston. I have received messages as of late from a few.


Internet Hollywood: You recently did a photo shoot with Eric Wallis Photography. How did that photo shoot come about?


Costa: I did have a great interview with Eric! I have worked with him since February, he is probably my favorite photographer to work with. He created a very comfortable vibe and it makes the shoot go very smoothly and enjoyable.


Internet Hollywood: What other things do you have in store?


Costa: Other things I have in store! To be quite honest, I haven’t put my finger on what I entirely choose to do with my life. I am in school for nursing, and I do hope to be a part of an agency, and I choose to rent or own my own house when my lease is up next September. I hope to find my path in life to success.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the people you want to collaborate with?


Costa: Some people I would love to collaborate with would be: Robert Hare, David Blazze, Mo Mendes, Eric Wallis once again, Eric Snyder, Nash Pitla, Madeline Wells-Bogue, many more!


Internet Hollywood: What is the main goal you want to accomplish before we enter a new year?


Costa: The main goal I wish to accomplish would definitely have to a balance between the pieces of my life, and have some of my goals begin to fall into place.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Gabriella!


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Eric Wallis Photography: Facebook – Instagram

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