MA model Gabriella Costa discusses her plans for 2018, concentrating on going back to school, photographers she would like to work with, avoiding drama and more!

Beyond The Lens – As we get deeper into a brand new year many new names will continue to be featured on our website. In 2017, our daily readers noticed a huge increase in new names that weren’t published in previous years before. One of those beautiful names is a Massachusetts model named Gabriella Costa.


Costa is an upcoming talented model that has been featured on Internet Hollywood three times in 2017, and once in 2018. Once this story is released she will have a total of 5 publications in Internet Hollywood that will bring her total amount of stories to five in a one-year period. I had a lot of fun doing this interview and I hope you all enjoy reading it!


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Internet Hollywood: Happy New Year Gabriella! It’s been a couple months since we had our last interview and it was a very educational one. I look forward to hearing what’s going on with you now that 2017 is over. How is your new year’s going so far?


Costa: My new year is going pretty well, thank you for asking! Yes, I did the photo shoot with Eric, and I have a bunch set up for the future with particular photographers I want to invest in.


Internet Hollywood: The last time we talked about the pretty cool photoshoot you did with Eric Wallis. Do you have any new photoshoots lined up for the future?


Costa: The main thing I am concentrating on in this year, is going back to school fully prepared, and make sure I am focusing fully on my studies to ensure my academic success.


Internet Hollywood: What is the main thing you want to concentrate on now that we are at the beginning of a new year?


Costa: The biggest thing I learned, well honestly I learned so much. 2017 was the biggest growing year yet for me.


Internet Hollywood: This has been a question I have been asking everyone; what was the biggest lesson you learned in the year 2017?


Costa: I learned how to suffice on my own, how to manage finances for my apartment, learned how to be more responsible, applied to lease a house and learned how to be much more organized and tidy than I was before, and honestly, I learned over time useful things that made me mature very much. I learned how to eat healthily, I believe that our body is the reflection of decisions we make, so I learned what decisions would be best for me. I limited my foods to omega 3 fatty acid foods, with fish being my main protein source. Ever since I made this change, I have become much healthier.


Internet Hollywood: You are pretty cool with a lot of independent models and photographers. I don’t think I ever have seen you get wrapped up in any kind of drama. How do a talented people coming up stay humble and avoid negativity?


Costa: The way I stay cool with everyone is that I love to treat people how I would love to be treated. I try to be there for people I have garnished a friendship with, and everyone I bring into my life is my family. If there ever may be a negative moment, I try to immediately squash it and do something to improve the situation.


Internet Hollywood: Is there anyone that you would like to collaborate with?


Costa: I am so excited to work with David Blazze, And potentially Robert Hare. Those are two of my most favorite photographers. They are so ethical, and their work is just outstanding. Completely worth the investment.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what style of modeling do you see yourself doing and what do you look for in the people you would like to work with?


Costa: As for styles, I would love to have a more diverse range of styles, that hopefully I will be trying this year!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Costa!


Costa: Thanks, Justin for reaching out to me!


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Gabriella Costa: Instagram

Eric Wallis Photography (photographer): Facebook – Instagram


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