MA Model Ileana Carranza has been chosen to walk in the Internet Hollywood fashion show in Massachusetts in June!

Internet Hollywood Party – Independent model Ileana Carranza has been chosen to walk in Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show in the month of June. Carranza was one of a couple of models that didn’t audition to walk at the Internet Hollywood party in August 2017. The purpose was to fill the remaining slots left with new faces to give new published talent a chance to get in on the action. Carranza was one of those people I felt deserve the opportunity since she never been in a fashion show before.


Carranza grew excited hearing the news and will be doing some training before taking on the challenge of putting on her best walk. She was selected alongside 30 others that will be paired into groups of six after the designers select who they want. Carranza has already been selected and was contacted by the designer that is now working on her set for the show.


Carranza is also an aspiring actress that has some experience in acting as well. A simple Google search would show that she also has an IMDB page that reveals some of the films she participated in. She has also been planning to expand that experience by engaging in more projects involving films in the future.


The location of the event has not yet been revealed because talks of where it will be officially held are being done as we speak. A total of 10 makeup artists have been selected and 10 hairstylists will be joining that lineup by next week. The show looks like it’s going to be a big one. Congratulations Ileana Carranza!

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Ileana Carranza: Instagram

This photograph was taken by Miss Beautiful Chaos – Instagram

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