MA Model Ishaa discuss her passion behind modeling, how far she wants to take it, music being her first love, returning to writing and drawing, and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent makeup artist Ishaa has freed out sometime from her day to answer a couple of questions I had prepared for after accepting my invitation for an interview early last month. I been connected with Ishaa through Facebook for some months, so I decided to get in contact with her to learn more about her grind as an independent model. Have fun reading the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Ishaa*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Good morning Ishaa! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. Reading your answers to my questions for the very first time is a special moment for us both because it will soon become your first publication on I would definitely like to congratulate you on that. How are you enjoying your 2018 so far? Are you ready for the spring?


Ishaa: Hi Justin ! And thank you so much ! It’s an honor and a special moment for me as well. Thank you for including me. I am definitely ready for the Spring and warm weather. Most of my shoots seem to fall during a cold/rainy/snowy day so I’m definitely anticipating some warm weather shoots. Will be a nice change of scenery to work with as well.


Internet Hollywood: I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear me say your insanely beautiful and it shows in a lot of the modeling pictures you do. Your way of expressing yourself through photos is really good and I’ll happily applaud you for that. When did you feel modeling was something that you needed to do growing up and did you get the support from others when you made the decision to?


Ishaa: Aw, thanks ! I appreciate that. I always loved the idea of modeling as a child. My mother modeled when she was younger and I was always intrigued by it. I’ve always had my mothers support. I never thought I would actually be bold enough to go for it but in February 2016, I sort of just took the leap and have stuck with doing photos since. Once i started, I realized how much I enjoyed it. I get support from friends and family as well but I would have to say my mom and my two sons are my biggest fans/supporters.


Internet Hollywood: How far do you wish to take your modeling career and what are some of the things that you would like to try out?


Ishaa: I honestly just want to enjoy the ride. When i started it was more of me just breaking out of my shell, I hadn’t really anticipated for it to go anywhere. But since then I have connected with so many great people and have even done a few music videos with local artists. For now I would like to focus on pictures and music videos, maybe even a little acting. I do want to take my modeling career as far as i can though. I’m still exploring the possibilities.


Photographer: @TeaSpeezy

Internet Hollywood: What kind of photoshoots are you open to do and what do you have to see in the photographer before you choose to work with them?


Ishaa: When I am looking at a new potential photographer to work with I usually go through their profiles first to get a feel of them. I like to look at other work and feedback from models they have worked with as well. Initially, i like to meet up before we shoot. I’m big on vibes so if something feels off I probably won’t pursue it. I actually started off doing a boudoir shoot and have done some tasteful nudes but I want to tone that down for a bit. I’ve been in really cold weather for shoots, rain , snow , water , mud , etc. I don’t mind being really different and creative or getting messy for a photoshoot. That’s part of the fun!


Internet Hollywood: With all the bad stories going around about models pretty scary encounters with photographers do you ever feel discouraged from doing modeling at all?


Ishaa: I try not to let things like that discourage me. Realistically, danger is everywhere. So I always try to be real cautious of my surroundings and the company I keep.


Internet Hollywood: How hard was it for you to find the right connections to build yourself in modeling independently and what are the first few steps you recommend beginners take if they want to start modeling?


Ishaa: Getting into modeling wasn’t that hard for me. I actually know lots of people who have connections or are connected themselves. I feel alot of is really about networking, meeting new people and putting yourself and your work out there. To a beginner, I would recommend to start with creating and building a portfolio and work with people you feel comfortable with, who have your best interest in mind.


Internet Hollywood: Do you wish to do fashion shows, magazines and other things to build yourself up as well?


Ishaa: I would definitely be up for some fashion shows and magazines!


Internet Hollywood: Two loaded questions; Are there other things besides modeling that you would like to do and what has been your main goal since the start of this year?


Ishaa: I want to get back into drawing and writing again. Music was always my first love. I would throw myself and emotions into my writing and just lose myself in the music. This year my main goal has been to focus a little more on myself and to make as many positive moves as I can. This year is all about progress for me. Personally, professionally, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Ishaa!


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Ishaa: Instagram

Photographer (first picture): Catherine Hodges

Photographer: (second picture): Photographer: @TeaSpeezy


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