MA Model Juju Jinsuè to call in to Internet Hollywood Radio this week!

IH Radio – Massachusetts model Juju Jinsuè will be one of many talented models doing their thing in independent scene that will be stopping by the Internet Hollywood universe to talk with Vega (Vaughka) about her new career goals, the current state of her life during the pandemic, fashion, and more. JuJu spoke with Vaughka this week and has planned for future talks that we are sure will increase as time go by. The interview will be added to Internet Hollywood Radio on August 2nse. Juju just published this selfie on her social media page and I thought it would be cool to share, so I asked. Instead of using one of her modeling pictures I decided to choose that. Anyway, we will keep you updated on everything related to the Internet Hollywood interview as the time approaches. You will able to listen to the show on the main page of our website.




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Juju Jinsuè: Instragram (Jinsué Couturé) – Instagram 

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