MA Model Kris Teena reveals her most memorable moments in 2017, getting 50 thousand followers, photographers she would like to work with, wanting to be more mobile and more!

Beyond The Lens – One very supportive friend of mine who is also an independent model from the state of Massachusetts named Kris Teena is giving us a lot to take in over our recent interview over messenger. After Teena accepted the invitation I wrote up eight questions as soon as I could then sent it her way.


Teena is a familiar face to a lot of talented individuals that attended our events in the past. She has attended two Internet Hollywood parties and has been featured on twice last year. It was definitely about that time to get an interview going with her for the new year. I hope you all enjoy the interview as much as I did doing it!



~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Kris Teena*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Happy New Year Kris Teena! Welcome back to the Internet Hollywood universe. I look forward to hearing your answers to a couple of questions since it’s been a month since we last talk. How did you bring in the new year, and are you enjoying it so far?


Teena: Well my new year did not go as planned. I went out with my best friend and her sister to a restaurant in Boston.


Internet Hollywood: What was your most memorable moment in 2017 and did anything change about you now that we stepped into a new year?


Teena: Most memorable moment of 2017 has got to be my facebook fan page hitting 50k. I mean that was huge. And so far not much has changed since coming into 2018 yet its still very early.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things you are hoping to accomplish this year that you didn’t in 2017?


Teena: This year I want to become more mobile again so I can go out and create way more content. In addition, I would like to begin throwing my hat into the ring to work with some well known plus size companies starting on the east coast.


Internet Hollywood: Congratulations on reaching over 50,000 followers on Facebook. Are you planning on bringing your model presence in popular outlets like Instagram and Snapchat?


Teena: I am indeed going to do my best to build my IG and snap presence a bit. My Snapchat already has a lot of following but you can always use more. Part of the problem w Snapchat is you cant see a total number of followers so you don’t actually know until you use the platform which I don’t because it tends to drain my phone battery. I may be depending on some things start a patreon as well.


Internet Hollywood: Are you planning on exploring other styles of modeling for photo shoots this year?


Teena:  I have always said I am down for different concepts minus full on nudity. My following would love to see that for sure but I don’t want to just get naked for the sake of gaining popularity. I’d rather do nude for myself because I want to. I have this wedding dress I cant shoot in until the weather is nicer. I’m all for doing something different and exploring options so hair, makeup, photographers come find me if you wanna do work.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the talented people that you would like to collaborate with?


Teena: Oh goodness there are literally so many. Like I have a list of people Raven Cruz is like pretty high on my list but I always miss him at group shoots. We have talked but nothing is set in stone as of this moment…..David West would love to work with him …Ruben Lyte, Greg Caparell, Leonardo Tillett, I mean those are just the ones here. There are others down the east coast and out west I would also love to work with as well.


Internet Hollywood: What is the biggest lesson you learned last year?


Teena: Sometimes I am not sure I learn lessons lol but generally just this year there has been a TON happening in New England modeling world and some of it involves just things that are common sense and common courtesy. I don’t know what happened to just being about your craft and honing it. For me, modeling is my love like I literally have withdrawals when I don’t get to get out there and strike a pose and be playful and silly and sexy and serious and goofy and funny. The biggest lesson I learned was just staying over in my own lane and do my own thing and do it as best as I possibly can.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; at the end of this year, where would you like to see yourself, career-wise?


Teena: At the end of next year id like to have worked with some big name companies two or three maybe and work with a few new photographers. Id also like to double down on my pages and have more followers by years end across all social media. Shall I leave all the links on here for folks to follow?


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Kris Teena. Keep up the great work!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


Kris Teena: Facebook 

Photographer: Studio Duke Photography

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