MA model Mia Dolly discuss modeling, photoshoots, reaching 26k followers on Instagram, working on getting into Playboy, being interested in psychology and more!

Beyond The Lens – MA model Mia Dolly has found her way back into the Internet Hollywood universe after completing an interview we’ve had in the works since December. I got in contact with the model to do the interview and sent her a couple of questions to answer that digs a little deeper into her goals, thoughts and plans for the near future. Dolly never dissapoints and has always been an amazing supporter of Internet Hollywood. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Mia Dolly*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Mia! This year has been a pretty exciting one for a lot of talented people that made resolutions this year. I’ve done a lot of interviews this month and have been learning about people’s willpower to stay committed to one thing and finish it. Before we start, I wanted to ask, how did you bring in the new years, and have you made a resolution yet?


Dolly: I do miss talking to you and I love supporting you. I definitely need to listen in more on your radio station. But yes I’ve had a couple of New Year’s resolutions I’ve been trying to fulfill ever since the new year started. I’m working on getting into Playboy, that’s my main goal. I’ve been wanting to get in for some time. As for work, I’m definitely trying to get more into the cosmo industry. I love makeup, I love it because it’s a form of art to me. I also love to draw n sketch so I guess it’s similar.


Internet Hollywood: What was your biggest career-wise moment of last year?


Dolly: Definitely getting promoted into a management role .also have been working on n off with maybe getting published into Volo magazine which is another goal I have.


Internet Hollywood: You’re incredibly young with such a great talent in striking poses and showing off your beautiful body in photo shoots. What is it about photoshoots that makes you want to express yourself the way you do when you model?


Dolly: The biggest thing I love about shooting is that it makes me feel sexy and confident. I feel invincible and free whenever. I get into the groove of posing it’s like I’m in my own world. It’s so relaxing as well to work with curtain photographers who let you relax and let the posing come naturally. I think that’s what makes the image magical.


Internet Hollywood: Is there other things besides modeling that you want to take a shot at as a career?


Dolly: Besides modeling, I am interested in makeup or getting into phycology. I love learning about mental health and feel like I can relate to those who struggle with mental health. I want to help them find they’re strength and overcome what they feel holds them back. I think it’s better for people to relate to something others have felt before instead of not being able to relate to a person who does not understand the struggles .they’re usually the type of people who are in it for the entertainment and the paycheck.


Internet Hollywood: Is there any talented one in particular that you would like to work with this year?


Dolly:  I have a bunch of models and photographers Daisy, Kyra, Erika, Akira, Mossab, Mike rose, Brian Anderson, Shon and much more for the photographers I’m interested in. But overall, I do have a couple I always go back to because they’re very professional and talented as well as successful.


Internet Hollywood: What was the main thing that influenced you to really pursue modeling independently even with all that challenges that come with it?



Dolly: To be honest, at first, I felt that modeling wasn’t for me. I got scouted by a young photographer at the commons in Boston at 19. I fell in love with it ever since. For once in my life, I became confident and felt beautiful, though I get really shy when I’m just hanging out and my friends or loved ones wanna snap a photo from time to time.


Internet Hollywood: You have done an amazing job building your following on Instagram. You currently have 24.5k followers! How does a newer model gain that kind of following on their platforms? Is it as hard as it looks?


Dolly: It’s all about posting something you are passionate about. If u continuously post eye-catching photos and you’re passionate about what you love, chances are the world with fall in love n feel the same way you do about your work. That’s how I feel you can create a steady following.


Internet Hollywood: Last questions; So newer people could know, what are some of your do’s and don’t’s when it comes to taking on the path of an independent model?


Dolly: My advice about becoming an independent model is to start off shooting with someone you feel comfortable with. If you don’t know the photographer to well make sure to contact models on his or her page first who have worked with them before. Make sure the feedback is positive and make sure u bring somebody with you. As for marketing, let yourself find out what type of style or platform you wanna set to achieve your dream. There are all types of different models out that find out what they want and go for it :))). I’m still moving up as well we all are. I feel it’s important for women to support one another same goes for men. We gotta stay humble down to earth and not so judgmental. We’re all working towards our goals.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Mia. I look forward to interviewing you again sometime in the future. Keep up the great work!



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Miadolly: Instagram

 Silver Shadow Images (photographer): Instagram

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