MA model Miss Beautiful Chaos to walk for OM;S WRLD at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show in Natick, MA on July 1st!

Massachusetts model Miss Beautiful Chaos will be one of the many faces electrifying our cameras at Internet Hollywood’s first party of the year in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st. Miss Beautiful Chaos became one of the 30 models that were chosen after I reached out to her over messenger and asked if she will available to fill in one of the spots for the show and she said yes. Not too long after fashion designer Noemi Torres of OM;S WRLD chose her to walk in her design.


Chaos will join a lineup of around seven models who were also chosen by Tores to walk in her designs. Each designer was given the option to select 7 models, 2 hairstylists, and 2 makeup artists. Each designer originally supposed to show a 6-piece collection, but as the number of models in each lineup increased things changed.


Once Chaos makes a special appearance at the show it will total her amount of appearances to three. She attended our very first party in April 2017 and our last party in August 2017. She also hosted the April party that took place at The Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts. So her face will not be a surprise to a lot of people that will be attending.


The event will be taken place at the Natick Elks Lodge and will be starting around 5’o clock. I look forward to seeing Miss Beautiful Chaos walk our very first fashion show. Congratulations to her!


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Beautiful Chaos: Instagram – Facebook

Photographer: Rocky Knoll Photography

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