MA model Spicybrown heads to Las Vegas, NV to play the ring girl in ‘The Bad Boxer Movie’ starring Justin Mayweather!

IH News / Buzz Alert – Massachusetts model SpicyBrown recently took a flight out to Los Angeles, NV to do some filming with members of Floyd Mayweather’s family who are currently working on a film called ‘The Bad Boxer Movie’ starring Justin Mayweather. The casting event took place at the City Boxing Club on the 25th & 26th of September and included filmed scenes from the movie. Spicybrown looked like she had one helluva time on the set of the movie and shared photos and videos from it. She also sent me some to share as well. Check them out! It is not known when the movie will be released but when we find out you will be the first to know!


You could follow Spicybrown at @spicybrown77

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