MA Model Spicybrown’s first interview with Vaughka on Internet Hollywood Radio was one to remember on August 2nd; here’s some of the things you missed!

IH Radio / Buzz Alert – Independent Massachusetts model, artist, and actress Spicybrown educated a lot of us about herself in her first interview that went down this past Sunday. She opened about the beginning stages of her independent modeling career, being invited to her first photo shoot, putting things to the side to have a family, her experience while acting independently, acting as characters, and more. Her positive vibe could be felt through the interview as she explained many more things and gave us memorable quotes while answering some of our questions. Vaughka plans on inviting her on the show many times in the future. You could listen to the whole interview by clicking the link below.



*This amazing photo was taken by Karl Jacobson. You could check out his page by going to @kej_photos.


Karl Jacobson: InstagramWebsite

Spicybrown: Instagram

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