MA MUA Maggievanity talks studying to get her cosmetology license, her passion for doing makeup, wanting to open a makeup/hair & barber unisex salon and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts makeup artist Maggievanity is a new face making an appearance on Internet Hollywood’s front page after wrapping up an eight-question interview with me last week. Maggie was selected alongside dozens of other talented people in the New England area. Her great work has put her in my eyesight and I could predict that I will end up writing many stories about this makeup artist in the future. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Maggievanity*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Good morning Maggie! Welcome to your very first interview with Internet Hollywood. Thanks for taking your time out of your day to answers these questions I have prepared for you. I never get enough of learning about talent I never published about before. How are you enjoying your 2018 and what are some of the things you been working on?


Maggievanity: Hi and good morning. First I want to say How excited I am about this internet Hollywood interview. So far 2018 been great! I just can’t wait for summer. I am a tropical woman. I love to tan and the heat. I’ve been working on studying to get my cosmetology license since I will be graduating very soon. So that’s my main focus right now.


Internet Hollywood: If you don’t mind me rewinding the clock back a little I really wanted to ask; when did the thought of being a makeup artist come to mind and when did you become passionate enough to put actions behind your thoughts to make it happen?


Maggievanity:  In 2009 I was very into Halloween makeup, so decided to do different ideas on my kids and others. In 2012 I decided to do an Egyptian makeup and the eyeshadow was my favorite part of all. the blue and gold pigment together made it look so beautiful on my chinky eyes. And it hit me then! I want to continue discovering different colors and study a little history of makeup.


Internet Hollywood: You are also a hairstylist and your skills shows in a lot of your pictures on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. What influenced you to want to become a stylist and what are some of your favorite hairstyles to do?


Maggievanity: Ok so about the hair industry? I actually never thought in a million years that I would do any type of hair, not even mines. I was that kind of girl that would walk with my messy curls, messy bun or that cowlick to the one side and bun back. I had no idea of how to do my hair or even use a blow dryer until I met my boyfriend. He is a barber and I always respected his hustle the way he enjoys seeing people fresh. Then one day he sat down and told me I want you to try to learn how to do your hair because although you do have beautiful curls you can also enjoy doing different types of style for your hair. So as I was listening, when through one ear then to the other and said to myself “ a business with my man” but then I was like nah. But I did but my first pink blow dry and my first brush from curls to an Afro then I used the straightener and became toasty. I burned my hair. That was brutal. So I decided to quick my job ( preschool teacher) to go to school to become a cosmetologist. But I was very hard on myself and said that I won’t make it. No one believed that today I can do someone’s hair and do all kinds of colors and haircuts. I am very proud of myself. My favorite style is the Medium, Beachy Waves with Ombre Highlights.


Internet Hollywood: Are you planning on opening up your own beauty salon somewhere in the future, or do you already have one, if so, could you please fill us in on what some of the services your offering?


Maggievanity: Can’t tell my future because I really don’t know what will happen or maybe even change. But what I can say is.. that I do want to own a makeup/ hair & barber unisex salon. I will be in my 40’s in few more years so I want to teach. I want people like me to learn and work. So that’s my idea for now.


Internet Hollywood: What has been your main focus since the start of 2018 and how important is it for you to finish the goal you have in mind and what happens if you don’t? What’s the second option?


Maggievanity:  There’s no don’t for me this time!As I tried everything in my past from army to nurse trainer etc… I even tried to be on casting call for modeling for Tyra banks on the time that she was accepting short girls in New York City and all went wrong because there was a fire so I got scared and left. Then I tried another casting call for the bad girls club but who’s kidding? I’m not a bad girl, hahahahaa. I just wanted to try new things but it wasn’t for me. Became a teacher and as much I love kids like my own, I decided to quit because I wasn’t happy there and I didn’t see myself grow. I was always tired and complaining almost every day to my family. My man told me to quit and (do what YOU like is time to treat your feelings.) Go for what you want. My daughter always told me “you are not happy mom go do makeup and color the world “ finally I decided to do my research about license because if you want to open a business you have to have a license. But for beauty is either esthetics or cosmetology license and most of everyone said cosmetology is better. So that is what I’m there for.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the surprising things you learned by being an eyelash technician?


Maggievanity: Eyelash technician? That is something I will be learning as well. Did it once it was fun! but after I graduate I have to find a place to learn. Also micro blading.


Internet Hollywood: I’m sure when I say that you’re insanely beautiful that it wouldn’t be a surprise to you. But with all those special abilities that you have, do you ever see yourself modeling at all?


Maggievanity: Thank you! I actually did thought about modeling years ago. But trust me not for me. I won’t mind doing few photo shoots or cat walk in a fashion show but that wouldn’t be something I would do for work. Mind you I’m in my 30’s I really have no time for modeling. I want to be a boss in my own business


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what are some of the things you had to change about yourself to get to where you are now and do you feel more things will be changing about you as you continue to chase your dreams?


Maggievanity: So far I’ve been the same as before but the only thing that has changed is me walking with makeup and my hair done. As I answered a previous question. I was more of a don’t care how my hair looks and barely wore makeup to go out. Now I love love the colors and I enjoy wearing it and my hair touches by the wind. Not to forget… I also love playing with taking care my skin I am very obsessed with having my skin smooth and looking young. I try different products and I do mention what is good or not. I Get a lot of compliments that I look 20 ish and not 30’s that is a great feeling!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Magda! 


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