MA Photographer Andrew Powers brings out the phoenix in his photo shoot with Kelly Dutra

Photoshoots – Massachusetts photographer Andrew Powers has been taken a lot of incredible photos this year and one browse down his page would show just how well he’s been doing getting a lot of great shots in collaborations he has done in the past. But this time I was exposed to something a lot more different from the photographer that I wasn’t really expected from a photo shoot – the phoenix.


Andrew filled me in on a photo shoot he did with a independent model name Kelly Durta and gave me the behind the scenes scoop on putting the photo shoot together and the process of editing it to give it the look it needed.


“I have always liked doing artistic renditions, and making a model into the beautiful phoenix was just amazing. I took some time and lots of different editing layers to make the final image but in the end the image was amazing”


He also gave his thoughts on working with Kelly:


“It was fun its not everyday you get to work with another photographer as a model. She was very receptive to doing things the way i had visioned vs putting in her photographer views. It also made it easier with poses as she has a working knowledge as well”


Andrew told me that he got the idea from a photography group that he was apart of was at a fashion show and was talking to Kelly, who he says is also a photographer, about the idea and she volunteered for the shoot. You could follow his page by checking out the link posted below!




Andrew Powers: Instagram – Facebook

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