MA photographer Andrew Powers puts his camera to work in his photo shoot with singer Claire Sully

Photoshoots – Massachusetts photographer Andrew Powers is no stranger to putting together great photoshoots and one of his latest forms of art is being produced in a motorcycle photography series. The photographer already has worked with more than one model since his photography series started and now he has added singers on that list as well, including MA singer Claire Sully.


Andrew didn’t mind taking a little time out of his day to give me a small breakdown of how his photoshoot with Claire Sully came about. After revealing that he met her at the Internet Hollywood party, he explained what lead up to them working together. Check out what he said:


“So after meeting Claire sully at the internet Hollywood party I knew I had to create some art with her. After what seemed like a lifetime of trying to make our schedules work we finally made it happen. I recently started a motorcycle photography series and thought of claire for a BoHo version of the theme. I contacted her and she was immediately intrigued. After about a week going back and forth about wardrobe and locations we made it happen. Claire knocked the shoot out of the park.”


He also answered my question that dug deeper into the details of how long the photo shoot was, what inspired the motorcycle series, and the idea of the wardrobe that was selected for the photoshoot.


“It was a 2-hour shoot, I recently bought the bike and have been wanting to do a motorcycle shoot for a while so I decided to do a series which 12 or more sets with a common theme. The motorcycle being the constant in this series. As far as the wardrobe claire has always portrayed a very free-spirited nature about her so the boho look just fit her personality perfectly.”


After explaining the details he sent me more photos from the shoot before adding the total number of photos he took of Claire was really around 80. He also did a photo shoot for his motorcycle series with another model but that will be written about in another story!



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Claire Sully: Spotify – Website – YouTube

Andrew Powers: Instagram – Facebook

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