MA Photographer Bernie MacArthur discuss his plans for 2018, wanting to do a ballet shoot, his favorite camera to use, models he wants to collaborate with and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts photographer Bernie MacArthur has a lot to share in a recent interview we did this month. I had the great pleasure of interviewing him after a failed attempt to do a Christmas one that ended up postponed due to server issues on our website. I’m glad I was finally able to plan an up to dated interview and get it done quickly. I hope you enjoy it!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Bernie MacArthur*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Bernie! Welcome back to the Internet Hollywood universe. It is always a pleasure sharing your awesome content on our website and speaking with you whenever we could. How are you enjoying the new year so far? What did you do to celebrate on the 1st of the month?


MacArthur: Hey Justin – thank you for having me back; always look forward to our chats. The year so far has been seriously cold – as you well know. It’s also been an extremely busy time for me – I’ve had 2-3 shoots everyday so far. My shoots started on the first day of 2018 and have not stopped yet.


Internet Hollywood: Now I know someone like you always has something up your sleeves when it comes to collaborations. What are some of the projects you currently got in the works for the future?


MacArthur: I have a couple co-model shoots coming up with models that I shot with just recently. One of them, with models Tiffany Talia (@Tiffany_talia_) and Devon (devkaz25) is going to be over the top. We’ll be shooting at Studio52 North (#studio52North) in mid-February with a concept of “living art”. I cannot wait to shoot with these two extraordinary models again – and to see how they work with each other. My camera will be melting! 🙂


Internet Hollywood: Last year was definitely a year worth remembering for a lot of people that manage to make a huge impact in their careers. What would you say is your most memorable moment of 2017?


MacArthur: Professionally, the biggest thing to happen to me is that I was published twice. I had not thought my work would be good enough to publish; nor that any one would be crazy enough to put it in print! 🙂 However, I was deeply honored when GEI The Alternative published my images. On the other hand, professionally, my full-time day job laid me off after 3 years with them right at the beginning of December.


Internet Hollywood: Is there anything new that you want to try out in photoshoots that you haven’t really done before?


MacArthur: I want to get more creative; I want to play with mixed media shoots. I was thinking of trying double exposures; and I really want to do a ballet shoot this year.


Internet Hollywood: What is your go-to-camera when it comes to capturing the best shots in a shoot and why is that particular camera your favorite choice?


MacArthur: When I stopped shooting 7 years ago, I sold my equipment – a cheap film camera. About 2 years ago I started shooting again, my wife gave me a very limited budget to get new equipment. So, my main camera is an entry level Nikon (D3300). I often heard that it’s the person who makes the art – and I believe that is true. But, from shooting with a friends camera a couple times, a mirrorless Sony A7, I know that the better the equipment, the better the shots are going to be. I’d like to go up in grade in the Nikon series; but it may not happen this year.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the models that you would like to collaborate with now that we are in a new year?


MacArthur: There are several models that I have watched and wanted to shoot with, but it just has not happened yet. Taylor (@tkelizabeth), Sam (@samcahill), Darrion (@darrionrose), the Read Twinz (@thereadtwinz), Julianne (@julianneex14), Isabel (@modelIsabelvinson) … just to name a few. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to shoot with one or more of them.


Internet Hollywood: Is there ever a time you contemplate on putting the camera down and walking away from photography?


MacArthur: Everytime I look at my own work after a shoot and say “why the hell didn’t you get that from another angle”? Hindsight is everything; and I try to learn from each shoot – why did the lighting work in this area when it didn’t there; using the planes of the models face a bit better with this type of angle; using the shutter speed in a different manner to get a longer distance unique look.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; has anything changed about you since the new year started, if not, what would like change about yourself as we go deeper in 2018?


MacArthur: I’ve learned that my fingers do not work well in the cold! 🙂 Just kidding – I’ve been reading a ton on how to get a photography business up and running, and, most importantly, how to keep it going. This is the year that I try to get the word out more about what I do


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, MacArthur! Keep up the amazing work!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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