MA photographer Constantine Manos schools us on photography, discusses his goals for 2018, working on his Vintage Playboy Project, his favorite camera, new photographers and more!

Beyond The Lens – This year has been really busy for the talent we have been keeping tabs on through our social media pages. We have witnessed an overwhelming amount of success stories from people that have been working really hard to accomplish that ultimate goal that crosses the finish line that breaks the barrier between their dreams and reality.


One extremely talented person I recently caught up with was Massachusetts photographer Constantine Manos. Manos was open for conversation and didn’t mind answering every question I had to ask. He gave me the inside scoop on some of his plans for this year and even schooled me on things related to photography. Check out the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Constantine Manos*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Welcome back to the Internet Hollywood universe Constantine! It has been a great pleasure sharing your amazing content on our website. Your hard work and drive have earned you 13 publications in 2017. I definitely plan on writing about you a lot more as we go deeper in 2018. How are you enjoying the new year so far? Did you make a resolution?


Manos: Haha, new year’s resolutions! I think I gave up on making them about 20 years ago. Things happen when they happen and if you make your life’s resolution to be flexible and adaptable to change while efficiently “rerouting” to get where you want to be then you’ll usually come out in pretty good shape!


Internet Hollywood: You are a photographer that’s known to put your camera to work. You have tons of photos from shoots with independent models all over your pages and many were featured on Internet Hollywood in the past. What is the driving force behind the motivation that keeps you active and what’s the main goal?


Manos: Photography has been a life-long passion for me. My father was an award-winning photographer so photography has been around me my entire life. In fact, I just passed a significant milestone in my life. I got my first camera for Christmas in 1967 and began using it right away! So, this past Christmas marked my 50th year as a photographer!


Internet Hollywood: What is your favorite camera to use when you want to get the best quality shooting?

Model: Hannah Kjelden

Manos: I have owned (and still own) cameras made by various manufacturers. Most of these are in my personal archive collection of film cameras introduced over the past 50+ years. I ran head-on into digital photography once it was “affordably” available. I remember my first digital camera. It had a fixed lens with an almost box-like body. It used some weird custom memory card and could shoot about 24 images (bitmaps only) at 640×480! I’ve been mainly using Olympus cameras over the past 20 years. Their OM series film cameras were great as were their point and shoot digitals that followed. I still own that as well as the DSLR cameras that followed. I stuck with Olympus for two reasons; First, the one most people use to stick with a manufacturer, the accumulation of lenses which are forward and backward compatible. The second is a bit different; I bought into the Micro 4:3 (MFT) format once it was clear that Olympus was going all-in on this system. At present, I use predominantly Olympus MFTs and I’m very happy with their performance and love the form factor.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the talented people that you would like to collaborate with now that we are at the beginning of a new year?


Manos: This could get me in some trouble if I named names! But, I would like to continue working with many of the great models who I’ve worked with over the past year. I am certain that there will be many new faces as there have been in prior years. The main factor that I ultimately find is the strongest working bond is a common creative synergy and collaborative connection.


Internet Hollywood: Is there any particular theme in photoshoots that you want to focus on the most this year?


Manos: I already have a new project outlined for the first part of 2018. No hints yet, but it will be a lot of fun! I also would like to publish more content in more widely circulated publications. The high bar I have is to work with the right person this year to become a Playboy Playmate of the month. It’s a challenge, but I am confident I can do it with the right person. A Playmate of the Month earns $25,000 and if selected as Playmate of the year, another $100,000!


Internet Hollywood: What is the biggest lesson you learned in 2017?


Manos: I had to move Atomic Canary New England to a new space again in 2017, the third year in a row. Despite the back-breaking effort to move, I find new shooting possibilities in each new space which allows me to constantly grow as a photographer.


Internet Hollywood: Are you currently working on anything right now?


Manos: Yes, I am finishing up the Vintage Playboy Project at the end of this month. I will be publishing the final results than creating a 2019 calendar as a companion to the publication.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; Every single day there is a new person with a camera that wants to start off their career as a photographer. We have also witness pretty crazy stories that involved some photographers being viewed in a negative light. In your opinion, what is a photographer’s downfall?


Manos: Don’t be a creep! If you’re not an artist please stop harassing and assaulting models. These so-called “photographers” are ruining the reputations of well mannered, creative and very experienced photographers. I never cease to be amazed at the over-the-top abuse that female models often (rightfully) fear. I have two sisters and two grown daughters. I treat everyone I work with the same way I would hope and expect others would if they were to work with the women in my life.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Constantine!


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Constantine Photos: Facebook – Instagram

Photographer for Constantine’s picture: Johannie Valdez


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