MA photographer Eric Wallis discuss photography, his plans to strengthen his portfolio, being more in demand at weddings, his favorite camera, models and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts photographer Eric Wallis has gladly given us all the information we needed in a couple of questions we sent him on January 15th. I originally planned to interview him back in December until migration errors caused our website to go down for eleven days.


As soon as the website returned I got in touch with Wallis and everyone else to redo the interview without including their past holiday plans. I just received his answers to our questions on Thursday. Enjoy reading!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Eric Wallis*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Eric!? Welcome back to the Internet Hollywood universe. It is always a pleasure speaking with you and including your amazing content on our website. You have collaborated with many models I have published about in the past and I look forward to seeing all of the work you do in the future. What are some of the projects you got in the works now that we are at the beginning of a new year?


Wallis: I have many personal projects that I am thinking about for this year. My objective is to build and strengthen my portfolio to create an image of difference. My main focus will be to expand my editorial fashion/artistic work while continuing to seek paid work. I also plan to continue to increase the number of weddings I photograph. I am contemplating to build a project around the “me too” movement to empower women who have been abused by photographers and others.


Internet Hollywood: Do you feel last year was a successful year for your career or no?


Wallis: For the most part last year was a very successful year. The number of weddings had increased over the previous year, I had numerous requests from models to work with me. I feel I have grown as a photographer in terms of my technical and artistic ability.


Internet Hollywood: At the moment, what themes are you more focused on doing at photoshoots and what do you do you look for in the models you choose to work with?


Wallis: My themes will tend to be in the high fashion area, such as vintage, old Hollywood glamour, masquerade style shoot. I will choose my models based on their ability to nail the look and feel of the shoot. The course of the shoot will be based on my objectives and the models willingness to meet the professional demands I have for them.


Internet Hollywood: What camera has proven itself to be the best at giving you the images you want when your shooting and what camera do you not recommend for beginners?


Wallis: I use all Nikon equipment, my favorite go-to camera is the Nikon D3s. I also have two Nikon D700’s I love as well. I always recommend a camera body beginners can afford and spend the money on good glass. The glass they use is the heart of the image. More importantly than that, beginners/amateurs should learn the technical part of photography. Too many photographers just think they can go out and buy a camera and expect to create beautiful images without knowing what makes a fantastic one. They should learn the power of light, be able to see it and use it to shape.  The camera is nothing more than a tool, light is your paint brush and your subject is the canvas.


Internet Hollywood: After all the conversations we had I’m well aware that you take photography very seriously. It is a little irritating to see so many beginners claim their “real photographers” when they don’t have the knowledge or experience you have?


Wallis: Yes this is so true. I see so many images being posted on social media that honestly, I would not share if I had photographed them. Photography is an art and should be treated as such. To become the best takes a great deal of hard work to learn lighting, composition, editing etc. Many photographers I see fail to know even the basics of lighting and how to use it to shape and illuminate the subject.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the people that you would like to collaborate with?


Wallis: Honestly I will collaborate with most anyone that wants to work with me with the understanding that I make my living from this. Unless it is a special personal project I cannot afford to collaborate with models that request to work with me with the idea I am going to give away my work for free. I feel it is like any professional photography business, you do not walk into a studio and expect to be photographed for free. If they want to expand and strengthen their portfolio there is a price to pay for that. The issue really becomes that there are far too many photographers that are willing to give away their work. I feel strongly if a model reaches out to me and wants to work with me to strengthen their portfolio they are in essence hiring me for this purpose and should be willing to pay a price for it.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of message do you want to send everyone through your art this year?


Wallis:  My message has been and will always be to deliver high-quality images to my clients. Images that tell a story and gets to heart and soul of my clients. Every image should be delivered with what I call impact, a wow, one which the client never wants to stop looking at.


Internet Hollywood: What was the biggest lesson you learned in the year 2017 and is there anything that you’ve changed about yourself since the start of 2018?


Wallis:  I have learned many lessons in the past year. The main one is not to be lazy. High impact images are created by a conscious effort to light, and composition based on the theme of the shoot. Sometimes we as photographers get lazy and we never get out of the box. In today’s world of photography, you have to be versatile.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Wallis!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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