MA Photographer Holbrook Gracia being selected to be in the IH Magazine in July goes deeper than you may think!

IH News / Magazine (Updated) – The photographers I’ve written about in the past all reflect art in themselves that made me want to write about them. Every story I wrote had to inspire me in some way and it didn’t take long before Holbrook Gracia did just that. One thing I appreciate about Holbrook’s work is the fact that he collaborates with so many faces and accepts everyone as they are, and gives them amazing photos to remember FOREVER. He has years loads of work that deserves more eyes to see and I know in the future his hard work will go to unimaginable places. He has supported Internet Hollywood for two years and has created memories with us that no one will ever forget and that is something we will always be grateful for. He appeared at Internet Hollywood’s first party in April 2017 and took some incredible photos of everyone that was in attendance that night. Holbrook also offered to provide extra assistance whenever we need it and has even given us strong advice on business, cameras, and organizing events. His selection is more than just a feature, it’s an honor. The first person to tell me how awesome this guy was the incredibly sweet, brave, and talented, Isabel Vinson! Internet Hollywood magazine features guarantees creative people more publications, more promotions, discounts to some of Internet Hollywood events, a closer chance to winning an Internet Hollywood award, and more! The Internet Hollywood Magazine release is set to be released in late July 2019.



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated




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