MA Photographer Holbrook Gracia discuss whether camera selection is important, his early career mistakes, upcoming projects and his ultimate goal!

Beyond The Lens –  Massachusetts photographer Holbrook Gracia (Holbrook Photography) is giving us the inside scoop while schooling us on whether the camera selection for a photographer is important. I knew Holbrook for almost a year and have grown to learn some of his creative and well thought out views on organizing events and business. I also consider myself a fan of his work.


I was in contact with Holbrook for a little while before getting the photographer’s answers to my questions. Gracia was kind enough to give me a few greatly detailed responses to a couple of the questions I asked. Enjoy the short interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Holbrook Photography*~*~


Internet Hollywood: You’re one of the most talented photographers that I know. All of your work from our party in April blew people’s mind. I don’t think there was anyone that disliked it. What would you say is your most noticeable charm that sticks out in your pictures that makes people like them so much?


Gracia: Well I certainly pay attention to the fundamentals, but I really try to keep my photography simple! I want each image to have a clear focal point- I mean the viewer shouldn’t ever have to figure out what I want them to be looking at and the other elements either exist to support that focus, or I just don’t include them. Sometimes I’ll try to do this more through composition, sometimes more through lighting, and sometimes through post as well. You know, I’m one of those people who hates pineapple on pizza- too many different things going on! My photography is the same (laughs)


Internet Hollywood: How important is the camera selection when someone is just starting out with photography but want to take it seriously, and what do you recommend they use?


Gracia: Cameras don’t shoot people, people shoot people! (Laughs). Maybe I’m having a little fun with answering your question, but I’m completely serious about the concept; Photographers make images, not cameras! Someone starting out is going to need a tool capable of manipulating the three elements of the exposure triangle- that’s it! Even then, the advancing photographer will stay in one of the semi-automated modes like aperture priority in order to control the most critical element-determining what the image will look like. Shooters move to full manual when they start to disagree with the decisions the camera is making for the other two controls.


Internet Hollywood: What would you say your biggest mistake was as a photographer in the earlier stages of your career?


Gracia: You know I come from a music production background, and in that industry, the classic rookie mistake is to say “we’ll fix it in the mix” or we’ll plan to fix mistakes with cool tools and technology, instead of going ahead and recording it again. Of course it always turned out that “fixing it the mix” fails to fix it, but always succeeded in wasting a lot of time! (Laughs) Photography is exactly the same! In fact a microphone and a camera work basically the same way. Both record waves interacting. The camera just records higher frequencies on the electromagnetic wave spectrum. Anyway, the same set of magical tools are being pitched to photographers as the widgets that can turn that sows’ ear into a silk purse, and they simply can’t. Not to say the tools aren’t amazing- they are! It was expected of photographers in the past to be competent in the darkroom, and a photographer today is expected to be competent in Photoshop. But the rookie mistake remains the same- you can’t really “fix it in the mix”! If you’re not happy with what you just captured in-camera: Shoot it again, take your time, and come away with some that the cool tools can enhance, rather than fix.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the projects that you are working on now?


Gracia: Right now I’m doing a lot of work in my core areas which are promotional imagery and headshots. I have a few special projects going on including a portrait series of transgender models. I’m really pleased with the results so far. I’m also working with some fitness models for a new product line of fitness portraiture and fit lifestyle stock imagery. Of course I’m still shooting glamour so tell people to keep calling!


Internet Hollywood: What is the ultimate goal that you wish to conquer in your career?


Garcia: Wow. That’s a pretty big question, isn’t it? You know, I’ll try to answer it by telling you a little about a personal project I’m doing right now which is trying to get the important people in my life to sit for a portrait. There have been a number of things that either happened in my life, or in other places on the planet which really reminded me how short and unexpected life can be. Making these images of my friends and family is a small thing but it makes me feel good to recognize their importance in my life and give them a loving look at how I see them. To answer your question, I’d like to create images that have that kind of impact and meaning for people who don’t happen to be personal friends.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Holbrook! Keep up the amazing work!


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