MA Photographer Holbrook Gracia will be featured in Internet Hollywood Magazine in July 2019!

IH Magazine (Updated) – Massachusetts photographer Holbrook Gracia is by far one of the most talented photographers I came across in my four years of writing news on and that will not go unnoticed in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine release of 2019 in July. The photographer was recently selected to be featured in the new magazine and was contacted over Facebook where he learned of the selection and accepted the offer to be featured. Holbrook was the eye in the sky that lit up the Internet Hollywood party at The Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22, 2017. His photos from the event were so good it made the photographer front page news on nine times. Holbrook has shown humbleness and support to Internet Hollywood for a while and has offered to help if ever that help was needed and gave powerful advice on many occasions to IH Vega. Having him apart of the issue is an honor on our behalf and we look forward to placing him in the magazine for the very time. The magazine will be released sometime in late July. Congratulations Holbrook!



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated





Holbrook Photography: Facebook  – Instagram

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