MA photographer Karl Jacobson discuss photography, being a photographer since the mid-80s, photo shoots, his rates, things he’s working on and more!

Beyond The Lens – It has been pretty busy in Internet Hollywood with all the endless amount of interviews I have been doing since the beginning of the year. Hearing the stories of others somehow gave me the drive to see how far I could go and how quickly I could get the interviews done and actually publish them.Today I will be sharing a pretty cool interview I did with independent photographer Karl Jacobson.


I got in touch with Karl over messenger and asked if he would like to be interviewed and he said yes. Shortly after, I sent him some questions to answer and as soon as he had the time to answer he did just that. Enjoy the interview!

~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Karl Jacobson*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Good morning Karl! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. It’s always a pleasure having photographers on the platform to share their stories. It’s a pretty big learning experience for me. Speaking of experience, what experience made you fall in love with the photography to the point it became a career goal?


Jacobson: I have been around Photography since the mid-80s while in college. I fell love with it when I got to develop and print my own work. There is something magical about seeing the image come to print.


Internet Hollywood: I don’t think anyone could deny that you have an eye for great shots and your shoots with models like Isabel Vinson and Sabrina Paquin shows that. What are some key things you focus on when trying to capture the perfect shot in a shoot?


Jacobson: The key to capturing the shot is all your ability to control light. First, have a vision of what you want and then adjust the lights or model position to obtain your image.


Internet Hollywood: Many photographers have been coming up with cool ideas to expand their business when doing work. Some release calenders, magazines, clothing and more. Are you planning on expanding your craft to other things to make your work more exciting?


Jacobson: Not really. I enjoy photography for creating art. If I start chasing calendars, clothing, magazines, etc, I might lose focus on why I am a photographer. I don’t want to expand my business for the money. My goal is to create images that are epic, timeless, impressive, and hopefully sell a few.


Internet Hollywood: Do you currently charge rates for your services?


Jacobson: Yes, I charge some models.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of photoshoots are you open to do and do you look for certain things in people before doing photo shoots with them?


Jacobson: I am open to fashion, glamour, implied nudes, and art nudes. I look for models with experience, professionalism, beauty, and a willingness to try new ideas.


Internet Hollywood: How hard was it to learn how to learn how to use a camera and now that you’ve learned what would you say is your go-to camera when you want to get the best results in photo shoots?


Jacobson: It wasn’t to difficult to learn the basic of a camera. I learn on an old film camera back in 1985. My suggestion is to set the camera in manual mode and play with the dials to learn the effect. I use my Nikon D810 with a 24-70mm lens for most of my work. When I want a tight headshots, then I use my 85mm lens.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what are some of the things you are working on now that you would like everyone to know about?


Jacobson: I am working on b+w fine art nudes, which might be displayed in a gallery. I want to thank Internet Hollywood and you for the kind words and the opportunity for the interview. Lastly, I want to thank all the beautiful models that I worked with in the past year to help me create artistic images.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Jacobson!


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Karl Jacobson: Website (contains boudair and art nudes)

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