MA photographer Karl Jacobson to dominate Internet Hollywood’s first Magazine issue at the end of October!

IH Magazine / Photographers – Massachusetts photographer Karl Jacobson will be one of the talented photographers that will be featured in the Internet Hollywood Magazine. His contributions following the birth of the Internet Hollywood Show in 2019 made the feature more than a possibility. He was one of the photographers that made an appearance at the event and put the light of his camera to work and captured many memories that everyone attended will remember. The Internet Hollywood Magazine is set to be released during the week after ‘Vaughka Springs’ at the end of October. Vaughka Springs is considered to be one of Internet Hollywood’s main events that occur every other month and it involves a 2-hour radio show that releases all the latest projects happening in Internet Hollywood; including friendly talent competitions where people get a chance to hear exactly what people think of their work and vote on which one they liked better. Karl Jacobson is someone Vaughka may be interested in participating in one of those incredible showdowns.




Karl Jacobson: Instagram –  Website

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