MA Photographer Mosaab Alsaray reveals his plans for this year, discusses new magazine releases, teaming up with new partners, his love for fine art and story telling, main goals and more!

Beyond The Lens – Mosaab Alsaray is a very talented photographer from the state of Massachusetts that’s has been building a solid base across social media by taking his grind to new heights with dozens of breathtaking photos from numerous collaborations with models from all over New England. That same grind is what got my attention and made me want to get in contact with him for an interview for Internet Hollywood.


I contacted Mosaab Alsaray over messenger and invited him to do an interview and he gladly accepted. I then started working on a few questions and sent it to him to answer. I hope you enjoy reading it!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Mosaab Alsaray*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Mosaab!? Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I have been pretty excited to do this interview since we have never done one before. I also featured some amazing content of yours on the website in the past when I did stories about others. Thank you for allowing me to share your amazing work.  What are your plans for 2018 and what are you working on?


Mosaab: I have multiple plans for 2018. I am so excited about my new website and my blog. I am teaming up with Olga Kwasniewski to be my art and fashion director. She is a Fashion Director Gladys Magazine and Production Director for Boston Fashion Week and Project Smile. We have multiple projects, workshops for models and photographers, groups shoot, Magazines. I have more magazines publication coming. I have been publishing more than 25 magazines in short time. I have a trip to Costa Rica with international bikini model search(IBMS) on Sep.


Internet Hollywood: Photography is really becoming a big thing online right now. There seems to be some kind of boom town happening in many fields, and many people have been trying it out. However, if we were to talk truth we would have to acknowledge that many people do not know much about cameras, so they become clueless on where to start. When you started what was your camera of choice and how hard did it take you to learn how to shoot as great as you do now?


Mosaab: We live in an era where everything is available online. Before I bought my first Camera, I joined to multiple photography Facebook group, and I watched many online tutorials. All this is helping me to see what the best of my need is to be an artist and doing something different from others.

Internet Hollywood: What were some of the complicated things that took you a while to learn and did you ever had thoughts of quitting?


Mosaab: Nothing easy. Nowadays, to make your work stand out, you have to do something different. Most of a hard time is from dealing with some of the new hard models.


Internet Hollywood: I sometimes feel many your pictures tell stories that not many people know about. When you do photoshoots, do you feel it is a much deeper meaning to it than just shooting photos for people to look at online?


Mosaab: I love creativity, fine art, and storytelling. Movies and the old days always inspire me; I love the vintage feel. I have an excellent collection of vintage props and dresses. One of my styles is Fine art and conceptual photography where I tell the story in my photos. I used many vintages pros and headpieces to make the story as fairy teller


Internet Hollywood: What has been your “go-to” camera now that you are more experienced and what camera do you recommend people do not get?


Mosaab: I have loved art and photography since I was born, but I got my first DSL-professional camera Canon 6D in 2015. I just moved to Sony. I got Sony a7r iii. I like the new technology that Sony produced recently. It has an excellent dynamic range. We are talking about how wide the range is between the lightest thing and the darkest thing within a photo where both are still usable. The Camera is just tool, and the final product depends on the vision which is carrying it. I would recommend starting with basic DSLR that working with your budget, invest in a good lens.


Internet Hollywood: What are your favorite styles of shooting and is there anything you look for in particular when it comes to choosing models for a photoshoot?


Mosaab: I like High fashion, swimsuit, Avant Garde and fine art-conceptual. Sometimes I mix all the style in one theme. I like to have a good feeling and expression from the model more than anything which helps the photos to connect with the audience.


Internet Hollywood: I quickly chose two random questions I really wanted to ask. I hope you do not mind it. Is there any model coming up that you are currently interested in collaborating with?


Mosaab: I am always in demand. Me and Olga Kwasniewski are working to coordinate multiple workshops for models and photographers we have to (meet up group) for more details. See the link below:


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what is your main goal this year?


Mosaab: My primary goal for this year is to help others in their work by doing a workshop for models and photographers. Trying new ideas and themes.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Mosaab!


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