MA photographer Raymix-1000 discuss his career moves for 2018, working on a beat tape/ep, wanting to shoot with Isabel Vinson, trying shoots outside his comfort zone and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts photographer Raymix-1000 is letting us in on some of his plans this year and I’m happy that I could share that experience with you. I knew Raymix-1000 for a little while now and he always struck me as a cool guy with a lot of talent. I don’t know him too much personally, but he has proven himself to be a supportive friend with a strong passion for photography. I hope you enjoy the interview!



~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Raymix-1000/images*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Now that we are stepping into a new year many people have been trying to stick to the resolutions they made in 2017. How has your 2018 been going so far? Did you make a new year’s resolution?


Raymix-1000: My resolution is to upgrade my equipment and buy these two strobes which will upgrade my game by forever.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things you are working on now?


Raymix-1000: Right now, I’m working on a beat tape/ep called Blue Line 2 Wonderland, probably a few tracks that will consist of musicians around New England.


Internet Hollywood: Is there anything that changed about you this year that’s a bit different from last year?


Raymix-1000: Yeah, you could say that. I’m more goal oriented and I have newfound motivation.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the people you plan or want to shoot with this year?


Raymix-1000: I definitely owe Isabel (Vinson) and some of the Western MA models a shoot. It’s safe to say at least more than a year since I have seen them.


Internet Hollywood: What was the biggest lesson you learned in the year 2017?


Raymix-1000: To be completely truthful, I lost myself along the way of 2017, and well, I learned two things. First, there’s only one of you. There are only things that you, yourself, can bring to the table and nobody can belittle your value. Secondly, not everyone who’s nice to you wants to be your friend.


Internet Hollywood: Is there any particular style of shooting you are hoping to do more of this year?


Raymix-1000: I’m looking to experiment with what is outside my comfort zone. Also, I want to do more cosplays this year.


Internet Hollywood: I also noticed you have been very open to working with newer models and giving them a chance to explore your gift of photography. What do you have to see in a model before you collaborate with them?


Raymix-1000: I’m always open to newer models. I have to see that they really want to contribute to the art world.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; Last year, we all witnessed a lot of pretty terrible stories about some models and photographers. What would be your advice to people that wish to avoid any kind of drama when trying to model or do photography independently?


Raymix-1000: My personal advice (and something I’ve learned) is to pay attention to people who have had bad experiences with someone. Your safety is more important than anything in the world. Also….. photographers, don’t be a f@#$ing idiot.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Schon-Ray!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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