MA Photographer Raymix-1000 discusses revamping his YouTube channel, doing live streams, being a musician, his services, and more!

Interview –  Massachusetts photographer and musician Raymix-1000 has some things to share and I was happy to be the first one to hear them. I recently touched basis with the talented photographer to find out some of the things he’s working on and to follow up on some of the things we talked about in our last interview. It’s always a great pleasure catching up with him and I’m glad time presented the best moment to make it all possible again. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!


~*~*Interview /w Raymix-1000*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s popping Raymix-1000!! First of all, I want to start this off by saying thank you for attending my very first party and for staying supportive and humble from the very beginning. You always showed support and I truly appreciate you offering a hand if I ever needed it. That’s something that I’m always going to remember. But let’s get right to it. It’s a brand new year and many people we know have been putting in work to expand their brands to reach that next level in their careers. What are some of the things you have done or been working on to do the same?


Raymix-1000: Thanks for reaching out to me. I see you doing a lot of big things. Well for one, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into revamping my YouTube Channel. I’ve always wanted to explore the idea of making more YouTube videos. Secondly, and I can’t lie about this – I’ve procrastinated on my EP. Just a lot of stuff that happened over the course of 2019 that took priority so I wanted to make sure everything else was handled properly before continuing it.


Internet Hollywood: I remember you shared a thought with me that you felt was a good idea and that’s doing video clips to share on your social media platforms. One of the clips you did was featured on the website last year. Is filming something you want to get more into and how far does your vision go when the thought of doing it comes up if you want to do it?


Raymix-1000: This is actually something I want to do when I don’t have a lot of photography sessions. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you how far I want to go with this, but I want to go as far as I possibly can. I think it’s a great way to meet new people in the industry as well. I’ve also been doing livestreams on Facebook to engage with the people that follow me. Consistency is a challenge, but it shows results in expanding my base.


Internet Hollywood: It’s obvious that people have to wear many hats and do many different things to maintain their relevancy in the world of social media. I myself try to take on as many fields as possible by doing everything I ever imagined as a child to fuel the empire I’m trying to build and as long as I kept that mentality things became easier for me at times. Do you have any other hats you plan on bringing to the forefront as we getting into the year that people don’t normally see from you?


Raymix-1000: Not a lot of people know I’m a musician first and foremost. So I guess that would be first – to make known that I like making music. All of those nights where I’m staying up extremely late is me practicing.


Internet Hollywood: You have been doing great photo shoots for years and I even personally told you how I’m a fan of a lot of the shoots you have done. But out of all of the styles of shooting you did, what themes would you like to focus on more this year and have you grown out of any of the ones you did since you first started?


Raymix-1000: You can’t call yourself an artist if you don’t grow from the projects you complete. You can tell from all the pictures that I’ve done from when I started in 2012 up until now. It shocked me to see how much I have grown, but I’m glad I’ve made that progress. I should get myself a bigger external drive to keep everything together. Personally, I’ve been finding myself more involved with the cosplay community. I’m a huge nerd, so you could talk to me about anime, video games, and whatever peaks my interest in that category.


Internet Hollywood: From an overall point of view, what kind of services do you provide, what are your rates, and what is the best way to reach you if people want your services?


Raymix-1000: I keep a flat rate spreads over two hours (travel fees and even lodging may be included depending on how far the project is). I’m always willing to work with people.


Internet Hollywood: You have been doing a really good job staying off of the blacklist. LOL. Nowadays, so many photographers in the independent realm suffers from the backlash of terrible labels from bad experiences even at times when some of them weren’t really the person they were portrayed to be. You always maintain good relationships with the people you work with and everyone that has ever brought your name up in the past had great things to say about you. How do you keep those relationships alive and well and what kind of advice could you share with other photographers to keep themselves away from the dark cloud that has haunted many others in the past so they could safely build relationships?


Raymix-1000 I see that blacklist increasing by the minute. The advice I would share with other photographers… There is a time and place for everything.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with associating with models on a platonic level. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but it’s important to learn from them and to not repeat them again. I almost made the mistake of stanning a known predator because I even had been manipulated by him. My guilt reminds me often about how naive even the most seasoned pros can be. If you see something, say something. Trust the women coming forward with reports and question abusers. I keep this in mind every time I head out to a photoshoot to not only be a better photographer, but a better person to be around.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Raymix-1000!




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