MA Photographer Ron Ranere talks about selling Christmas cards at 9-years-old to get his first camera, doing architecture and interior designs, photo shoots, his rates and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts has been a hot spot for rising talent and dreamers and I have been making an effort to get as many interviews going before the summer begins. I have interviewed photographers, actors, actresses, makeup artists, musicians and more. The journey has educated me a lot about their backgrounds, vision, and plans for 2018.


One of those talented people I was really interested in interviewing was Massachusetts photographer Ron Ranere. I invited him to do an interview with me over messenger then sent a couple of questions to him shortly after. After digging into my email I immediately started working on this story to complete the interview. I hope you enjoy reading it!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Ron Ranere*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Ron! Thank you for giving me the green light to send these questions I’ve written. I’ve seen your photography work quite a few times and I honestly could say I’m a new fan. I also just followed your fan page. What inspired you to want to become a photographer and what were some of the first steps you took to get started?


Ranere: The creative process has been part of my life since childhood. At 9 years old I sold Christmas cards to get my first camera, a plastic body with a plastic lens that took 120 film; one step up from a shoe box with a hole in it. From that day, I became totally enamored with making images instead of taking


Internet Hollywood: When did you decide to get involved in things involving architecture and interior designs?


Ranere: While in high school I had a part-time job as an office building cleaner. My floor was an architect’s office. I use to talk with all the architects about their designs and what it was like to be an architect. After high school I attended Boston Architectural college. Part of the architectural curriculum focused on interior design. Once in the work world, I did both architecture and Interior design. I have owned my own firm for 25 years continuing to do architecture and interior design.



Internet Hollywood: How difficult was it for you to learn how to use a camera and now that your more experienced what is your favorite camera to use when shooting?


Ranere: Learning to use cameras is the easy part. Knowing how and what to shoot is the difficult part. As a professional photographer we have to deliver excellent photography for each client assignment. If you are shooting as a hobby you can be satisfied with creating great images by chance. I’ve been using Nikon SLR and digital SLR for all of my photography life. I am totally tied into Nikon lenses. If I didn’t own any lenses and was buying my first camera it would be between Nikon and Canon. They are both great companies. When I was shooting film I worked with 35mm, medium format and large format view cameras up to 8”x10”. Now I just use DSLR Nikon cameras.


Internet Hollywood: What do you look for in the people you collaborate with while doing photo shoots and what themes do you love to do the most?


Ranere: In the early days of my photography career I would accept any assignment that would pay the rent. Over the years I have specialized in fashion and beauty photography and now art photography with my Liquid Light work. Fashion and beauty photography requires a team effort. My team members are very professional and great at their craft. They need to be personable since my work is very people oriented. If the team does not click with the talent (usually models) it shows in the images.


Internet Hollywood: Do you currently have rates for your services?


Ranere: My rates are based on the scope of the shoot/project. Once I understand what we will be doing I quote a rate for that work. Shoots can be as simple as me photographing a hand bag on a white background to shooting an entire collection of handbags with multiple models and a large team of hair, makeup artist and photo stylist.


Internet Hollywood: Are you currently working on anything right now? 


Ranere: Yes, I have shoots lined up with models for their portfolios and shoots for my Liquid Light work. I just worked out a deal with a dance company to use their dancers in my Dance of Light project. I am also in discussion with galleries in Florida to represent my Liquid Light work. I keep talking about my Liquid Light and realize that your readers may have no idea what this is. A few years ago I bought some rope light thinking that I could use it in the studio. After a fashion shoot for a designer, I asked the model to hang back to try the rope light. I just draped it around her, turned off the lights and asked her to move around while I was shooting. It worked and Liquid Light was born! Then I created some shoots choreographing how the models would move and dressing them with light. It creates some really cool images that looks more like abstract painting than photography.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what is the ultimate goal you wish to fulfill that defines your “dream” moment that you always imagined and what happens after you’ve accomplished that?


Ranere: Whoa, Dream Moment. I’ve never had a dream moment. I live more in the present and my present is pretty cool. I have always aspired to the philosophy: if you love what you do for your job you’ll never work another day. I like to think that I create dream moments every day and once it’s done I move on to the next moment.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Ron!


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