MA Singer & Dancer Taija New to be interviewed on Internet Hollywood Radio this week!

IH Radio / Musicians – We previously spoke about an incredibly talented person from the state of Massachusetts named Taija New being someone that we planned on interviewing in the future but didn’t give an actual date for the interview because it was not planned. But talks with Taija New has been going on behind the scenes and a Internet Hollywood Radio interview is currently in the works. Vega wants to have the interview out by episode 3 of Internet Hollywood Radio on August 9th. Taija New is currently celebrating the success of one of her singles titled “Couture” that she states pulled in over 78,000 streams. We are hoping to learn more about that in the new interview. We will keep you updated.


~* Photos*~



*This photo was taken by Taija New. You could follow Taija at @taijanew

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