Makeaviini transforms in NROR ART’s GOTT THE BLUES collection at the IH Fashion Show!

Internet Hollywood Party –  Independent Connecticut model Makeaviini was the genie in her magical moment at the Natick Elks Lodge this past Sunday. She was one of the models that represented Samantha Gottlich’s clothing brand NROR Art which showed off her GOTT THE BLUES collection that was created with 100% recycled denim. This photo shows the beauty beyond the eyes with perfectly organized legos wrapped around black lens. It was only one of a few creative touches from a series of colorful expressions that made up the collection and Makeaviini was definitely one of the talented models in the middle of it.


Makeaviini took on the floors of the Natick Elks Lodge with a walk filled with confidence and a calculated mind that timed her poses exactly how they rehearsed it. She carried the energy of the room under her feet and walked like the boss I known her to be. The other models that walked for NROR ART was Ileana Carranza, Hannah Kjeldsen, Mariah Cummings and Kyra Grasso. Samantha Gottlich also got in on the action.


The news of Makeaviini being in the fashion show came in mid-February when the model was selected to walk for NROR ART. She auditioned for the Internet Hollywood Fashion show at our second party of last year at the Parkade Cinemas in Manchester, Connecticut. It’s beautiful to see that after almost a year she finally took on the cameras in a show that was suppose to originally happen in 2017.  The next stop…the Internet Hollywood Magazine. Congratulations!


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Makeavinni: Instagram

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Samantha Gottlich (NROR ART): Instagram –  Website – Facebook 

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