Makeup Artist Alyce Madden Speaks To Internet Hollywood About Her Brand ‘Styled By Alyce’

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Prince Vega – Sydney, Australia’s dazzling makeup artist Alyce Madden is expanding her brand StyledbyAlyce and Internet Hollywood is opening its doors for the new fashion columnist for the very first time. Many are familiar with her gorgeous face from her affiliation with certain individuals, others are familiar with her because of educational tutorials on Youtube where she brings us into her creative world of makeup. Whatever the case may be — we can agree not to disagree on the fact that her talent is an inspirational gift that she shares from her heart to a world in need of her brilliant techniques.


During a small Interview I had with the blossoming new miracle growing out of the Blue Mountains, I couldn’t help but wonder what inspired her to create such a brand. What impact does she hope to have in the known world with her vision? What brings her alive in the world of fashion and makeup? Check out her reply below.

“I am a makeup artist and fashion columnist from the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia,” She explained. “Being able to transform into what ever you want to be through makeup is magic to me. I want to make other people feel beautiful through my art! I started StyledbyAlyce for my freelance makeup work that I do.. I get booked to do makeup and hair for a whole variety of things like bridal, photographic, fashion shows and film. I want to work more in the entertainment industry with my makeup. I also have a YouTube channel where I like to show how I do some of my looks and highlight the products I like to use ect.”

alyce new 2Alyce didn’t stop there. She continued to express how she feels helping others with her knowledge by using her Youtube channel to make a positive impact. She also went on to explain why she models in some of her pictures.

“I believe knowledge is meant to be shared. By teaching through my YouTube tutorials and posting on Instagram certain looks I do, I can really achieve that. I like to help others and make a positive impact! We must dedicate ourselves to what we truly love and with hard work and consistency we become better at our craft.”

On Modeling:

“Sometimes I like to take my own photos and post these images on my Instagram. Being a perfectionist I feel like when you have an idea in your head of a certain look and mood your going for, what better model than to use your self to express it exactly how you want to! I prefer to be a creative behind the scenes but modeling can be a bit of fun! The shoots that I do like to participate in a ones with photographers I know that will let me direct the shoot exactly how I want it.”

alyce new 7Transitioning from makeup to fashion has always been popular since both fields correlates. The connection between the two makes up the beauty in appearance, from runway shows to magazine features, it is hard to separate the two. So it is safe to say it is understandable on our end to view Alyce’s decision to expand to the fashion realm and away from makeup —which she described below.

“A separate StyledbyAlyce adventure at the moment has been away from makeup and more with fashion,” she explained “I love the idea of being able to inspire others with my take on style. I have recently been picked up with Westfield to write a weekly fashion column for them and a newspaper where I live. This is a dream come true for me as this platform gives me the opportunity to showcase my unique style and really focus my creative energy.”

It’s always good to share a great moment with someone that is passionate about their work like Alyce. She is clearly a visionary that lives for the moment that brings her closer to her dreams. We ask that you show your amazing support to this gorgeous talented columnist and subscribe to her channel below.


There is no telling what lies ahead for Alyce in future months to come. It isn’t hard to tell she will be very successful. She’s smart, talented, sweet and very direct with her vision. We look forward to seeing her dreams come to life as she continues to live the life as a conqueror. Join us in exploring Alyce’s journey in the land where stars are born. Subscribe to her channel by clicking the link below!

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