Makeup Artist Ashley Arceiro may be preparing for a Beauty Pop Lashes takeover of the Internet Hollywood Magazine in July!

IH News / Magazine (Updated) – Now that the news is out the latest magazine release is now set to be released in  late July one could only imagine what other things or people are going to be added to the issue that is supposed to be Internet Hollywood’s first and most important issue of the year 2019. The reason is because the magazine will reflect the severe changes that occurred to Internet Hollywood at the beginning of the year, and beautiful faces like Massachusetts makeup artist Ashley Arciero will be one of the first people to experience what is like to be featured in the magazine on a full operational yearly cycle that’s put in place for people that are featured in the Internet Hollywood Magazine. Ashley is Boston & Miami student with her own brand, Beauty Pop Lashes, and she has tons of products to work with and a lot of lashes to choose from. We will go deeper into that and more about her brand like never before in the new magazine issue that is set to be released in late July. Ashley will be receiving her second publication on before the months is out. If you want to check out her work and possibly hire her for a job click her tagged page below!



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated



Photographer: @mannymanz007

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