Makeup Artist Jennifer Kenney Believes The Media & Hollywood Played A Role In Modeling Industry Stereotypes

jennifer-kenneyPrince Vega – Makeup artist Jennifer Kenney is simply pissed and sick of the way women are being treated and she’s sharing those views with Internet Hollywood.


Recently the model was asked to give her thoughts on the current state of the modeling industry and explain how she would change it if she had the power to. The make up artist quickly slammed the media, Hollywood, magazines and fashion industry for playing a role in the stereotypes against against girls that doesn’t weigh a certain size, saying it’s “frighteningly unrealistic” that there’s an ideal body image placed upon women.


“Unfortunately there’s an ideal body image placed upon women which is frighteningly unrealistic. It has been that way since the Victorian Era, and pressed upon women through media since the early 50’s. Every decade, there’s an “Ideal Image and Body” that women are made to feel envious of, as it is the hot new body and look to have in order to be “In” or “Popular” Personally, I feel this has been the defining factor in the growing shame and insecurity within young women and girls today. Media, Hollywood, Magazines, Fashion… They ALL have played a role in the construed view of what women “should” appear as. It’s disgusting to me, and I feel fortunate to not have daughters. The struggle mother’s of daughters must have in this day and age must be immensely difficult. Bodies are not a one sized fits all, just like ethnicities are not similar.”

She continued:

“Why are we forced to think “models” are rail thin, blonde, blue eyed, etc? Because mainstream media and the like have conditioned us to assume that is ideal. I have worked with beautiful models of every height, shape, and size, and I’m disheartened that in 2016, it isn’t seen as acceptable to be a size 9 (like myself even though I’m not overweight, or heavy) and not be of “model requirements” I am seeing changes, small but progressive changes towards embracing and accepting bodies of all shapes and sizes. Its been a long time coming, and I hope in my lifetime, I see more of it!”

Kenney isn’t the only one who shares a strong view about the model industries ideal image for women. Models Cindy Moran, Amandy Ranger and Emilia Carolina also felt the modeling industry should be changed and gave their views on how they think it should be.


Kenney is a make up artist from the state of Massachusetts who has also collaborated with Internet Hollywood model Isabel Vinson. The gorgeous featured image of her was taken by the incredible Raven Macabre.

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