Makeup Artist Sarah Bliss Will Be Attending The Internet Hollywood Party In Worcester, MA on April 22nd

Coming Up – A new blossoming sensation has confirmed that she will also be attending the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester Massachusetts on April 22nd. Makeup artist & Model Sarah Bliss just filled me on some really exciting news that I felt the need to share simply because she’s so awesome.


The makeup artist surprised me with the news in a direct message through Facebook and said she will bringing a friend along that does photography. That’s all we know at this time so we can’t reveal his name at this time sadly. But it’s good to know this private event is opening up for some new faces that feel they could benefit off this event. Bliss is one of those new faces that we feel we could learn a lot from.


After browsing through her page to observe her work I was stunned. I recently discovered a superman painting she did of Tim Rondeau’s body for Mr. Gay RI and the wardrobe was perfectly executed. (look here)


These are one of many reasons we find Bliss to be such a good catch to the eyes when it comes to makeup and modeling. She is filled with creativity and we appreciate the hard work she puts into creating it. We look forward to seeing her at the Internet Hollywood party.


This gorgeous picture of Sarah Bliss was taken by Majoras Image.



Majors Image: @atrecida (Instagram)


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