Man Who Claims He Had Sex With Kylie Jenner Puts $10,000 On Tyga’s Chain

kylie and ty editPrince Vega – Kylie Jenner and Tyga is getting unwanted attention by an unknown rapper by the name of Stitches who is claiming he honked Kylie’s horn before Tyga did – wtf – and now he’s offering $10,000 dollars to whoever gets Tyga chain from around his neck and bring it to him. I’m probably as clueless as everyone else when it comes to this situation that seemed to have appeared out of the blue. If he had intercourse with Kylie Jenner before she started talking to Tyga what’s the big deal? There is nothing worth bragging about. I highly doubt anyone would be surprised to hear Kylie was popped off by anyone when she comes from the kind of family that bases their life of of shock value. You can see Stitches in the video below bragging about “doggy humping” Kylie, saying Tyga should “bitch slap” her because he knows. Do you think he’s trolling for attention? Click the video below to check it out!

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